Cairo constitutional. Or… Walk this way.

The streets around our hotel are filled with both cats, kittens and dogs. Most of the cats are skittish and tend to shy away from contact with humans. But every time I came across one, I did try to interact. Most times with no success.




“Four and twenty blackbirds”? Nope, just a Hooded Crow on the streets in Cairo.

Probably the roughest-looking crow I have ever seen. It could be a mobster in the avian community, More social than the Pied Crows back in South Africa, this species seems to want to be a vulture and will feed socially on scraps it finds on the streets.




Not a ZAR in sight.

Luckily, the Egyptian Pound exchange rate works in our favour. And that does not happen in a foreign country often.

I do not need to use an exchange facility as there is a cash machine in my hotel that will dispense money without it costing a fortune in exchange costs.

Once I have to convert to Dollars for tips, that equation will change no doubt.




Crisps, the snack of choice…




The car under this excuse for a tarp would probably be scrapped back in South Africa.

There seems to be an ongoing issue with abandoned cars in Cairo due to the high cost of repairs. Reading online articles, one of them quoted repair costs of EGP 15000 when the car was only worth EGP 2000. Often, it seems that these vehicles are utilized as storage space for the shops nearby. This would be a mecca for car collectors who have the money and the time to perhaps look for classics amongst those that have been abandoned.




These large satellite dishes are for commercial use for those living in the apartment building.




An Oriental-themed lamp seen outside one of the MANY pharmacies around our hotel.




There is a song by the country rock group Alabama that contains the following lyrics:

If you’re gonna play in TexasYou gotta have a fiddle in the band”.I would like to paraphrase that to say…

If you are gonna live in Cairo, you have to have an AC in your home“…




Don’t feel like having an open balcony? Just brick it in.

I am not certain how safe or legal this renovation is, but I did notice it on several buildings, so I assume it is ‘normal’.




Washing will dry quickly, but the constant dust would mean that washing left outside would never be quite clean.

But I might be wrong.




I would REALLY like one of these to commute around my suburb back home.

They seem to be utilized for a variety of purposes, from hauling away garbage to being mobile coffee shops and almost everything in between.




A street bakery near the laundry that has become my regular destination away from my hotel…the laundry that is, not the bakery.

The locals LOVE baked goods.




This is Ahmed. He has been doing my washing and ironing for the duration of my stay.




Need laundry delivered? It can be. Either on foot or, as in this case, by bicycle.

Considering the chaotic traffic, those riding cycles take their lives in their hands on every outing.




Time for some sitting and contemplation?




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