Home for another 13 days… Hilton Cairo Heliopolis

Escape to the Presidential Quarter of Heliopolis, less than five kilometers from Cairo International Airport. We’re 15 minutes from City Center Almaza and within 10 kilometers of Baron Empain Palace and Cairo International Convention Center. Enjoy two outdoor pools with private cabanas, in addition to kids pool, a fitness center, and a variety of cuisines at over 10 restaurants. From their official website




Before arriving in Cairo, I was not certain if I would be able to live in a hotel for an extended period. However, seeing that this hotel was to be my home for almost 2 months, I chose to make the most of the time spent here between working on the project that brought me to this city.

This is one of two pools that are on the hotel property and given the pristine colour of the water, I could be at a coastal island destination.




Looking up the definition of the word ‘topiary’ in the dictionary will produce this…the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes.

But why THIS particular shape, no one can answer me.




This is the second pool that I mentioned earlier. Just out of the shot on the left side of the picture is a table tennis set up that guests can utilize.




Time, in Egypt, as in the rest of Africa is relative. Nothing seems to be in a hurry…except the traffic.

At first, I thought that this clock was merely decoration, however, it was working even if did not seem to speed service up. Just one of the aspects that I have had to get used to in the weeks that I have been here.




This carrot cake did look delicious, but I have not been able to justify having a slice (or two) just yet. Saving that for a treat when I think I deserve one.




Lots of living greenery inside the hotel.




Under a huge dome, these palm trees like they belong.

The circumference of this part of the hotel has several restaurants as well as a huge function centre.




A seating area that caught my attention.




An interlinking entrance to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel which opened next door to the Hilton in August 2023. I had coffee and a site inspection there before returning home and it was overwhelming.




A water feature completes the tropical feel.




The vastness of this space is almost overwhelming.




As seen from the opposite side…





The hotel bar has singers or musicians on a nightly basis. But I do feel for them as they have no lighting and hence they perform in semi-darkness.




Just one of the staff members that I have befriended during my stay here. I feel like Norm from Cheers as almost everuone seems to know my name.




To find out more about what the hotel offers, click on the logo above. The hotel is situated less than five kilometres from Cairo International Airport.



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