Considering a coach tour? Here are some tips and suggestions to make it more enjoyable…

One of the images that worked! Not easy to snap a moving item from a moving vehicle when you have no advanced warning that it was heading your way.





Our recent coach tip in Morocco was not our first rodeo on this type of holiday.

We both know being on a tour of this nature is not just about reaching a destination—it allows participants to interact with their fellow travellers and the local population.

A key element to enjoying a coach tour is to observe good manners and etiquette.

Here are my suggestions for making the trip pleasurable for yourself and your fellow travellers.




If you take nothing else from this posting then understand just how important being punctual is. I cannot stress this enough.

If your tour guide gives you a departure time, make certain that you respect and make it a habit to be 10-15 minutes early. There is no reason to be the reason for holding up a departure time.

This needs to be cast in stone, with tour members who are regularly late spoken to before it gets out of hand.

I have to admit that punctuality has been an issue on every coach trip that I have done, both as a traveller and as a journalist. I have been on tours where the tour guide has driven off, leaving guests behind when they have continued to be tardy with time. (That being said, the coach only went around the block and then returned. The guests had learned their lesson.




DO try not to waste time when on the road. Toilet stops should be just that and not an excuse to get coffee, snacks and to browse souvenir shops. Remember, every minute wasted on the road is time lost at your destination.




DO pack wisely and efficiently. A cluttered coach leads to discomfort for all. Keep your luggage compact and your essentials accessible in a small carry-on bag.

This not only saves space but also ensures that your journey is hassle-free. Remember to bring along items like a pillow, blanket, and earplugs for added comfort during the ride.

And keep an eye on your luggage. That is your responsibility and not that of the porters or the group organizer. Make certain that your baggage gets off and on the coach safely.

As we were to discover, some of the accommodation was multi-storied and if you have to carry your own luggage, keeping it to a minimum reduces the number of trips you have to make up and down tight staircases.




BE Courteous. It is key when sharing a confined space with strangers. A smile and a friendly greeting go a long way in fostering a pleasant atmosphere. Strike up conversations if you wish, but be mindful of others’ preferences for privacy. Respect personal boundaries and refrain from intrusive behaviour.




This was our driver who guided us along 2200km with a smile and not an angry word. Even when he was delayed for the umpteenth time.

Driving a coach is no easy task, and he ensured our safety and enjoyment throughout the trip.

Show your gratitude by tipping after your journey, utilizing local customs regarding tipping practices.




DO respect the local customs and culture of your destination. Embrace diversity with an open mind and refrain from being judgmental or passing criticism.

Learn basic phrases in the local language and dress appropriately to show respect for the host culture.

I got by with “hello”, “goodbye” and “thank you”…for the rest, a smile and a calculator work magically.




DO remember to have fun!

Coach travel is an opportunity to explore, learn, and connect with others. Embrace the adventure, appreciate the company of fellow travellers, and cherish the memories you create along the way.

There will always be fellow travellers who might not agree with you or you with them. Confrontation is not the answer. Ask the tour guide to mediate should that be required or if the dispute can be settled amicably, then use that as an opportunity to keep the peace.

It is almost impossible for all members of a group, no matter how big or small to get along, especially if they come from diverse backgrounds and cultures.




DO offer to share snacks, if you feel like it. This is not a requirement and you will certainly not be ostracized for not sharing.




DO sit in a different seat each day.

And if you had a window seat the day before, offer to sit on an inside seat to allow others to enjoy looking out of a window without having to peer across you.

This does not apply if you are travelling as a couple, as that can be sorted before you get on the coach.

There were spare seats on our coach so my wife and I often sat apart to give each a window seat without being an inconvenience to other passengers or each other.




In conclusion, practising good manners and etiquette on a coach journey enhances your experience and that of your fellow passengers.

And I am certain this camel will be thankful to have happy content travellers on its back!




This was the company we utilized for our tour.

There were issues along the way, but nothing that could not be resolved on the spot. It did give value for money and if Morocco is a bucket list destination then the tour host, Linda, will give you that in spades.

As I have said many times before, if you go with no expectations then you cannot be disappointed. All my wife and I require is a comfortable bed, reasonable connectivity, hot water(most of the time) and a breakfast that sets us up for the day. On this trip, we almost had a full house of requirements. Those that were lacking, we accommodated and smiled. Making it all part of the overall experience and adventure.



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