Cairo through my window…

Somewhere on a desert highway.




On a recent visit to Cairo my days were bookended by rides to and from the hotel I was staying at. This gave me little or no time for sightseeing as a proper tourist (that will come later) a On the banks of the Nile, where modern skyscrapers side side-by-side with the older buildings.

As a result, I had to improvise and I therefore asked myself this question.”Can you sightsee out of a moving vehicle”?

The answer was a resounding “Yes you can” especially if you are in a foreign country for work rather than as a tourist.

In fact, it can be a fantastic way to make the most of your trip and create memorable experiences.

Imagine yourself cruising through the vibrant streets of an unfamiliar city, catching glimpses of iconic landmarks, local life, and cultural nuances as you go. Even though you might be there for work, taking some time to explore the surroundings can provide you with a broader perspective of the place you’re visiting.

From the stunning architecture that tells the story of the city’s history to the bustling markets that showcase its unique flavors, every glimpse out of the car window can offer a slice of the local culture. It’s like a mini adventure within your work trip, letting you soak in the atmosphere, snap some quick photos, and maybe even discover a hidden gem or two.




The chaotic traffic in downtown Cairo. It is a city of more than 22 million people. (not quite half the total population of South Africa).

Cairo’s historic core city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.




Many of the apartment blocks in Cairo gave the appearance of being empty, but I might be mistaken.




A bridge too far? Pepsi seemed to be more popular that Coke in Egypt.

The bridge looked similar to the Nelson Mandela Bridge that we have back home in Johannesburg.




There are numerous apartment blocks being erected in almost every direction and as far as the eye can see.




Driving out towards the New Administrative Capital, which is currently under construction. Row after row of architecturally interesting looking apartment blocks. I did wonder what the cost of an apartment might be, however all the real estate signage that I drove by was in Arabic.




A guard house for the traffic police on many of the islands on the highway. I am not certain who they are there to protect and serve…the motorists or the pedestrians.




Busy, busy, busy. I was uncertain if this was a taxi rank or a market, or perhaps a combination of both.




I noticed these large ‘crash’ barriers on several sections of the roads we travelled. I am still uncertain who they are there to protect. Pedestrians or drivers.

Did you know? Cairo is called “a city with 1,000 minarets” by various people. It got this nickname due to the presence of various mosques in the city. Al-Azhar Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Egypt.




How these guys don’t crash is beyond me. They zoom in and out for the traffic, fingers on hooters without seemingly a care in the world. And no helmets either.




Where old meets new. One donkey power against the many horses under the bonnet of the car.




Who knew! I spotted this women’s lingerie shop while en route to a meeting.

So, next time you find yourself in a strange country for work, don’t hesitate to take that sightseeing detour from the motor car. It’s a modern and exciting way to make your business trip a bit more adventurous and memorable. Who knows what kind of inspiration you might find in those fleeting moments of exploration?




This is the view form my balcony at the hotel that I stayed at. The staff were friendly and helpful and the food was tasty…especially the room service burgers! Tolip have several hotels in and around Cairo and although this one was at a Family Park, it was far out of town if you are in Egypt as a tourist.

It seems to be a popular wedding venue as there seemed to be at least one almost every day of my sojourn at the hotel.

For those going to visit Cairo has only two seasons: four months of winter and approximately eight months of summer.




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