Travel & Things is proud to welcome Ribbet as a sponsor.

Ribbet is a photo creativity and productivity tool that I have been using since its inception some years ago. For me, it works quickly and efficiently and is certainly not a chore to use. The product, designed to be used on both browsers and mobile apps, is moving towards being the easiest place to achieve photo editing, design and collage results, without having to over-think the actual process.

This has been my constant travel companion for the past several years. It might look worn, but that represents the kilometres/miles we have shared together. From Kilimanjaro to the beaches of India. To coach trips across Europe and Vietnam and to a variety of game lodges and road trip destinations in South and Southern Africa.


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When it is time to print out my special images, this is the company that I rely on to do that.


My camera brand of choice for more than 4 decades!

Bush gear to make me blend in… in comfort and style.

Breaking in my new pair of Veldskoen Shoes. They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever owned.

When I get home. I rely on this ISP to provide me with high-speed fibre connectivity to enable me to get my postings published in record time.
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This Powerbank is my constant companion while I am travelling. It can do up to 4 full re-charges of my phone before needing to be charged.
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This torch has been turning heads! The Olight SRS2UT Intimidator.
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My new McLeather bag is made from high quality, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, making it extremely strong and long-lasting. The natural tanning process will, over time develop a unique patina – a physical embodiment of my travel experiences. The bag is over-engineered to make it so durable that it may well outlast me. Stitching for the leather panels is spaced wide to keep the number of holes to a minimum. An important consideration as I don’t want to place undue stress on my bag and tear it in the process. The bag is large enough to contain not only my laptop but the charger and cables. There is a pocket for scrap paper if I feeling like going ‘old-school’ as well as a pocket for pens and pencils.

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