Melia Sevilla and dinner at San Marco, Seville

Melia Sevilla and dinner at San Marco, Seville

We leave Santa Cruz behind and head off to our hotel
in downtown Seville

Like all the hotels that we have stayed in during the Insight Vacations tour,
they are centrally located that meant guests have easy access to the city( and SHOPPING)
Free time can be spent exploring, rather than waiting for the coach and other guests.
This hotel is part of a chain…my wife will be staying at their hotel in Havana during her Cuban trip

The hotel is very modern and eco friendly.
Interesting art that doubles as lighting near the elevator bank

The passage from the door into to my room.
This area contains a large cupboard on the right hand side
that opens into the bathroom as well.
Very handy if you need to access your cloths.

A comfortable bed but like the other hotels we stayed in,
I was glad that I travel with my own pillow

The bathroom as two showers, a bath and a toilet
all squeezed into a tiny space
In contrast, the basins take up most of the room.
But the length of the vanity depends on the size of the cupboard on the left

Complimentary toiletries and one tiny cake of soap.

A small seating area looked very comfy…

My “office”…and Samsonite suitcase.

With the sliding doors to the passage and bathroom closed.

A “gift” from the hotel.
One rather disconcerting aspect of my stay here was the fact that staff walked in
even if you said wait. And it happened to a couple of the other writers as well.
In my case it occurred in two separate instances.
There was no coffee/tea station in the room and unlike the hotel in Evora,
not even one close by.
I found that strange…

Some of the art work in the foyer

These elevators are some of the smallest I have ever squeezed into

Looking from the bar towards the front door.

Interesting lighting in this area of the foyer

I felt that the blue made the room feel “chilly”…

There are several seating areas scattered throughout the ground floor.

Interesting decor

Back to Sant Cruz for dinner

Our dinner was part of Insight Vacations signature “Dine-around” events.
Our group was split up and we ate at different restaurants…
all payments, including the tip is taken care of by the company.
We had a choice of starters, mains course and desserts.
I was not keen on any of the starters on offer,
but our waiter surprised me with a VERY tasty pate an alternative.
Wine, beer, water, coffee and an after dinner port were covered as well.
We were given cab fare to get us back to the hotel,
once again giving us the freedom to choose what to do after dinner
A Unique Selling Point for Insight Vacations,
and one I have not come across before.
My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the “travelling heart” from my daughter…
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