Zadar, we stop for the night. Croatian coach tour.

Outside the walls of the old part of Zadar, Croatia
The gate to my right is called the Landward Gate and
features the Lion of Saint Mark above the opening.
Zadar is the 5th largest city in Croatia
In Mostar the divers on the Crooked Bridge would not jump
until they had collected money from the spectators.
Here we did not have to wait for these youngsters
 to hurl themselves off this diving board.


We arrived in the afternoon and seeing we were only going to be here overnight,
there was no time to waste.
Suitcases could be unpacked after sunset…
My wife and I immediately headed off for a walk,
and we discovered the Roman Forum, one of the largest in this part of the world


Lots of activity on the water.
The Yellow Submarine seems to be present at more than on seaside destination.
I had seen a similar vessel in Split and I would also find one in Dubrovnik
On the left is the “Pillar of Shame”…
This Roman column dates from the second century AD.
 People who had committed misdemeanors were chained here.


18h00…and there were plenty of people catching the last rays of the sun.
And the reason that the crowds flock to this end of the Riva?
To listen to the Sea Organ…
It might look like a set of steps, but there are holes
 which allow the waves to make music.
Because it is wave dependent, each sound is unique and cannot be repeated.
06h00…and not a soul in sight


“Jump”…and he did.
Although there is no beach, that does not stop people from swimming.


One of the best sunsets on our trip.
The contrails made by passing aircraft were present daily,
showing just how busy (and crowded) the skies over Europe are.


We stopped to watch a couple of fishermen while we waited for the sunset.
The bicycle and graffiti attracted my attention.


Waiting for the sun to set…and this image was taken after 20h00!


Finally, at around 20h45, the sun dipped below the horizon.
Time to head back to the hotel in the fading light


From my early morning walk.
In general the buildings that I saw in Zadar were rather austere.
That being said, I did not get to the “new” part of the city,
which might have been totally different.


There was a reasonable amount of building going on in the new part of the city


I certainly lost my heart to Croatia.


This was at about 06h00…and not even a local in sight.
My favourite time of the day for me while on the coach tour.
Very few tourists out and about,
and I have the major attractions almost all to myself.
Connecting the old and the new.


One of the more modern buildings that I discovered on my early morning walk

After the gelato and pizza that I had eaten during the past few days
 I was NOT going to tempt fate by getting on.
It did cross my mind as to why this scale would be set up in a public place.


My wife…interacting with the locals…AGAIN!
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