From Evora to Seville…

We left Evora in the early morning light.
I was sad to say goodbye to this quaint walled city.
Our luxury coach would get us to Seville in style.
Being high up makes for ease of viewing
and the business class legroom certainly allowed me to enjoy the trip
without  feeling cramped
The view from my window.
At long last the sun made and appearance.
Something that Insight Vacations has no control over…
This is known as The Ghost River as it flows both above and below the ground
We arrive in Spain.
I had to remember to set my watch back an hour.
There used to be a border post here in Rosal,
however with the advent of the Shengen Visa, this has been removed
I found this small flock in the center of town…
We stopped at a gas station for a washroom break and I found these in the shop.
Back on the coach and everyone is tweeting about what they have just experienced.
Having Wi-Fi on the bus certainly helps social media “addicts”…
These balconies can be found throughout Spain and Portugal
This castle has been uninhabited for more than 600 years.
And it is used to make everything from stoppers for wine bottles
to umbrellas, handbags and I even saw a dress made from this versatile material
This is representative of roadside “workers” worldwide…
And they get this sort of treatment from motorists.
This little fellow and his dog were uncertain of the reason for our visit to his village.
We had come to tour this factory.
To see how they turn these Black pigs
Into world famous ham and sausage!
I found these in the shop on the premises.
Not for sale, but I can well imaging what they were used for.
None of the slaughtering is done on the premises,
and this worker was merely selling product, not killing it.
The end product…DELICIOUS!
The factory might be slightly off the main road, but it is well worth a visit.
Check customs rules for your country before buying
and trying to “smuggle” it airport security when you get home.
My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the “travelling heart” from my daughter…
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