Time to say goodbye. My time in Cairo comes to an end.

After calling this hotel home for the past 44 days, it is time to say farewell to all the friends that I ahve made here. You will all be part of my travelling stories for years to come.




This was my second visit to Cairo. I had been here in August 2023 for 9 days of site inspection before a project that I had been hired to work on.

I then returned to South Africa to re-pack before returning to Cairo for an extended 7-week stay to participate in an event, the likes of which I have never worked on in almost 30 in the television industry.

While I was back in South Africa, the client had decided to change the venue, so all the earlier site inspection was rendered null and void.

As the venue had changed, so had our hotel. (There was a team of 5 of us from South Africa) and luckily for the team, this hotel was just a few minutes from the venue, thus cutting travelling time to a minimum.




Time to say hello and find my way around the hotel that would be my home for the next 44 days.

The flight from Johannesburg to Cairo arrived at 06h30 which meant that those of us on the first flight were a tad tired and somewhat overwhelmed when we arrived in the reception area of the Hilton.




Time to say goodbye… I did not count how many times I walked in and out of these doors during my stay, but it was A LOT.




This has been both my home and my office for the duration of my stay. I have made friends with staff who will remain part of my memories for the rest of my life.

I have been shown nothing but respect and kindness by everyone I have interacted with at this hotel.

From those in the breakfast room to the Italian restaurant where I had most of my evening meals, Mr David thanks you from the bottom of my heart.

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