A final walk from my Cairo hotel.

Is this man a Springbok fan? I would like to believe so. But it seems that rugby is not a sport of choice in Egypt.




This is where most of my excursions took place. Up and down this road and into the alleyways that lead off this.

It turns out that I was able to find a variety of shops to help me with the project I was working on in Cairo.

I found a framing and printing shop where I could make some gifts for the locals I am working with. I also found not one, but two stationery shops where I could purchase wrapping paper and sellotape.

I have mentioned the laundry that saved me a fortune and the bakery that was close by.

There was also the supermarket where I stocked up with snacks for the final weeks in Cairo.

My advice to travellers? Get out of your hotel and WALK. International guests tend to forget that the hotel they are staying in is often in a residential suburb where people live and work. Hence amenities are not too far away…if you are prepared to explore.

I also discovered that many of the pharmacies(and there are MANY) in the area seem to be open 24/7.




This area seems to belong to packs of street dogs that are fed by at least one of the locals.

Interestingly enough there seemed to be no fighting amongst the dogs I was watching when food was being distributed.




There is always something new to photograph.

I have walked similar routes for the past few weeks and have found something different on every outing.

The reason for this particular image was that I was being followed by a fellow who seemed to be intent on making conversation and I was not keen to engage. Hence this image to let him get ahead of me.

But my tactic did not work and he stopped a few paces away from me to see what my next move might be.




I wonder what this is?

And the fellow from earlier was STILL behind me. as he had been for the previous couple of blocks.

It was at this point that I decided to cross the road, and he chose not to follow me.

Interaction averted. That being said, most of the locals that I chose to interact with were friendly and welcoming.




Almost all the apartment buildings in this part of Cairo seem to look like this.

For that matter, those that I have seen in downtown Cairo look very similar. The only new apartment buildings are on the road to New Cairo which are currently under construction.

What will happen to old Cairo is a source of conversation and contention here in Cairo currently.




Batman with muscles? Has the world gone mad?

The logo seems to be on a gym bag, so, in a way it does work as motivation for those who wish to emulate the Dark Knight.




From an outdoor bakery in an alley near the laundry, I frequented regularly during my stay at the Hilton Hotel.

This is a sort of local Pita that costs about 50c each and needs to have a filling to have some taste.




Four chairs, no waiting. So why a picture of four chairs I hear you ask?

I saw these outside a shop that turns live chickens, ducks, pigeons and rabbits into food. I certainly did not want to show THOSE images.




I see that there is a goat on their sign, but this is a side of beef.

Or a VERY large goat?




I have seen more of these during my walks in Cairo than I have found in my suburb back home in South Africa.




Crisps seem to be the snack of choice here in Cairo, so a shop of this nature makes sense.




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