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"Cherish times like these. They are very special and the opportunity for guides to compete for themselves does not come around very often. Make this a week to remember and one that you can look back on in years to come as a very special time where knowledge was shared and bonds were formed. Just be you." Mike Karantonis, Co-Owner at Africa Direct and founder of Safari Guide of the Year.




Kruger2Canyon newspaper

Kruger2Canyon is a community paper published for the last 18 years based in Hoedspruit – arguably the safari epicentre of South Africa. Publisher Mark Bishop explained; We cover the whole Kruger to Canyons Biosphere and we like to promote tourism, nature, the biosphere, businesses and the communities in the area. I took over in April 2021 and the new editorial team hope to extend our reach far and wide within the biosphere itself.
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Publisher Mark Bishop.
How long have you been involved in SGOTY?
We have been following the event for some years now, and as the publication features nature, wildlife and the people that operate within that sphere, we are happy to be involved as a sponsor and a “press” addition to the backend staff of the competition in 2021.
Putting his reputation on the line? Publisher of K2C, Mark Bishop, tackles the HAYLEY’S HOP with aplomb.
Why have you chosen to align your brand with this event?
As the competition is about guiding, with finalists from the area, and as Hoedspruit is really the hub serving the vast number of lodges and reserves in its immediate surroundings, it is a natural alignment for us. We look forward to running features of the finalists and the competition to enable our readers to see the value that both FGASA and the guides bring to the nature/wildlife/safari industry as a whole – something that I believe is often overlooked.
What will you be sponsoring?
We will be sponsoring the Story Telling Category with a monetary prize and some books.
Not only was the publisher of K2C at the event, but the editor, David Batzofin, was as well!
Was it all a joke?
Any words of encouragement for the contestants?
I would say that above all they should go out to enjoy the experience, to learn from it and to appreciate the fact that they, and the other finalists, are all participating because of their achievements and dedication to their field of expertise. It’s not only about winning but participating to the best of one’s abilities.


The aims of FGASA.
  • Provide educational opportunities to promote the conservation and rehabilitation of the cultural and natural heritage of southern Africa.
  • To maintain and serve a professional association of highly-trained tourist guides, tour operators and hospitality institutes.
  • To promote a culture of professional guiding based on a strong ethical, well-informed, safety-conscious approach that provides the visitor to southern Africa with a pleasant and memorable experience.
  • To fully commit to the development and implementation of the national qualifications, promoting the development of all tourist guides including historically disadvantaged individuals, as a part of the South African transformation process.
  • To promote the development of guides through the use of training programmes that conform to high standards of learner development.
  • To promote the highest standards of guide assessment by appointing fully qualified and experienced assessors.