You lift me up… I review the Ergo Anywhere+ Laptop Stand With USB Hub.

"A laptop stand is an essential and versatile tool for any laptop user. The correct laptop stand should enable you to position the top of your screen at the correct viewing height, which will essentially “change your laptop into a desktop”. Better positioning of your laptop should relieve back, neck and eye strain. Laptop stands can also be used for reading or positioning documents".


Last week this chair arrived and has taken pride of place in my study/office. I have written a review about the chair which you can read if you utilize this link;

The chair has made an enormous difference to the hours that I have spent sitting at my desk and I am hoping that this laptop stand will enhance my daily work experience both at home and while I am traveling…



I did do some research before sending off my order, as I have been using a stand for several years but it offered me NONE of the features that this one does (but what can I expect from a product that cost me R39.00).

It is recommended that to get the desired ergonomic benefits, I use a separate keyboard and raise the height of the screen. At the time of writing, I am awaiting the arrival of a wireless keyboard and mouse combination in order to take advantage of that suggestion.



I am not usually one that posts pictures of the boxes that products arrive in, but this particular packaging caught my attention, because, as I have discovered over the past few weeks, it has delivered EXACTLY what was promised on the box.



This is a solid, well-constructed device that has supported my laptop without collapsing at an inappropriate moment, and although it did come with a comprehensive manual, it is very simple to unpack and start to use immediately. The pads on the corners and the slip-proof stoppers keep my device secure.



Just in case I was uncertain as to what its purpose was… That being said, it can be used in the kitchen for cookbooks or a variety of other household uses that it was not really ‘designed’ for. Because it is so open, it keeps laptops cool so that can be used in bed or balanced on your lap.



This is the highlight of the product for me! These 4 USB ports are powered from your laptop and allow you to add extra devices, like lights for those Zoom chats that we have all participated in since COVID-19 changed the way we conducted our business.



A close-up of the sturdy construction that I am certain will give me many years of use…



Seeing that this product did exactly what it said on the box, I cannot fault any aspect of it. I also like the fact that it is white rather than black so that it is not easily left behind in a hotel room or, in my case, a game lodge.

If you are in the market for a laptop stand, then this is the one that I would recommend.



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