Sitting pretty.. I test drive the Ergo Exec ergonomic chair

"The Ergo Exec chair offers the ultimate in simplicity of use and range of ergonomic adjustability in a sleek, stylish design that will complement the look of both an executive and standard office environment at an affordable price". A quote from the company website.




The most recent addition to my office from ergonomicsdirectIt has been a long while since I had a proper office chair and although I thought that my most recent one was ergonomically designed, just a few minutes in the one proved to be a revelation. I suppose at the end of the day the word ‘ergonomic’ (the dictionary defines ergonomic as; relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment) can be utilized to describe any object, much like artisanal is being used to describe items from pizza to bread and almost anything in between. But the proof to the pudding, in this case, is in the sitting, and having spent more than a year working from home, I was keen to see what (if any) difference this chair would make.

I suppose the first difference it made was that I almost lost it to my wife. She took one look at it, climbed on board, and promptly ordered one for her office. So, strictly speaking, I suppose that my review could end there. But that would not be fair to readers, who like me, are working from home for extended hours and using unsuitable furniture for that purpose.



Height adjustment of the lumbar support pad:

The first differential that I noticed was this movable lumbar support and the fact that the back of the chair is comprised of a breathable mesh, rather than cloth-covered and absorbant. I wondered why the support only traveled a relatively short distance, then I realized that the clue was in the word ‘lumbar’…it was not designed to support the shoulders! It does its work with efficiency and the height, should you wish to adjust it, is easily accomplished.



Armrest adjustment:

I am having the most fun with the armrests! Not only can they go up and down, but they can also go in and out, forward and backward AND the width can also be adjusted for larger users. (The chair does come with a weight limit of 113 kgs) If I have any complaints about the armrests, it is the fact that they do not lock into your chosen position. Or perhaps I have not found the correct control for that function as yet?



This control, on the left side, enables the user to readjust the back of the chair. Great if you want to take a power nap without leaving the comfort of this product.



Headrest height adjustment:

Although the website says that the headrest is designed for the taller user, I have found that with it extended, I can stretch out and take a nap, very much like the headrest found on an airplane seat. This chair model is available with or without a headrest, but it is not removable. It goes up and down but does not tilt forward or backward, which given the shape, I found unnecessary.



The headrest in the retracted position as seen from the front of the chair…



Seat height adjustment:

By using the lever behind the round stalk control, the chair height is adjustable between a low of 450mm and a maximum height of 550mm. A range that will enable users to find their most comfortable ride height.



Backrest reclining, tension adjustment, and locking synchro mechanism with 3 lockable positions:

For me, the upright position is still the best when busy at the laptop. That being said, I do like the fact that I have several options should I wish to engage in the other positions.



Seat pan slide:

When Steve Jobs was questioned about the consumer need for an iPad, his response was “No-one knew that they needed one until I told them that they did”! I felt the same way about the seat pan slide positions, never having had a chair that had this feature before. But who knew just how comfortable it would make my seated position. And once having shifted it through the various options, I have come to realize that this feature is one that every chair should have.



The under-seat controls:

Not being one for reading instruction booklets, it did take me a couple of days to find certain of the controls. If only I had read the instructions first. The one that I missed, was the seat pan extender that can be seen in the bottom right image. It was my wife who discovered it while doing her due diligence on the chair.



Remember, if is does not say ergonomics direct on the label, then it is not one of their chairs. With a 5-year warranty for peace of mind, this is the ideal investment for those who are currently working from home for the foreseeable future.



No review would be complete without a summation…

Pros: I liked everything about this chair, from its modern stance to the way that it operates. Each of the features has been carefully considered and has been incorporated for a specific reason. There are not functions that have been either left out or incorporated for any non-functional reasons. A well-designed office chair is a good investment, especially seeing that working from home might be with us for a while yet.

Con: As I mentioned earlier, I do wish that the armrests locked into your chosen position.



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