Thaba Eco Hotel & Spa. Food glorious food.

"The Kraal Restaurant has ample indoor and outdoor seating areas, which include a private dining room overlooking the beautiful indigenous landscaped gardens. Our passionate Executive Chef will delight your palate with local tastes infused with truly unique African flavours".



On a recent visit to Thaba Eco Hotel & Spa, my wife and I really enjoyed the time we spent in this restaurant on the property. I was told that it was the first building on the site and before being turned into the restaurant, it was an event venue for weddings and the like.


Aside from the date-night dinner that we enjoyed here, it was breakfast that we ate here and we would arrive at the main entrance with the early morning light bathing the facade.



Hand sanitizer looking like part of an installation piece in an art gallery. Due to COVID-19 protocols, all guests are required to wear masks, sanitize, and have their temperature assessed on arrival. I have to comment on the fact that all the staff were COVID-19 compliant and were wearing their masks correctly.



Pineapple is a breakfast fruit and should NEVER be placed on a pizza. Unless you are working after midnight and the Hawaiian is the only pizza that the local pizzeria can supply. Even then, you should consider something else before ordering…but I digress!

For breakfast and served in individual portions, you can share it in a bowl with Greek yogurt.



It seems that the old-fashioned buffet is now a thing of the past due to the pandemic and the hotel has taken this into consideration when repackaging all the buffet breakfast food in glass jars. After being used they are sterilized and re-used, so they do not end up in a landfill.



Even the cutlery, or should I say especially the cutlery, is individually packaged.



Coffee and a biscuit…yes biscuits are allowed at breakfast. I pretended that it was a rusk.



My first course of choice, dates and Greek yogurt. I have a love affair with this dish that stretches back to breakfasts that I had in Dubai many years ago. Cereal I can have at home.



If you have a nut allergy, then you need to skip past this image. That being said, they are in screw-top jars so those who have to be wary will not be put at risk.



Jars as far as the eye can see. I cannot believe that it took a pandemic to get the hospitality industry to switch from open bowls to sealed jars.



So many types of milk. My question is “How do you milk a Soya”?



Bring on the real deal. No hotel breakfast is complete without Full English. And no Full English is complete without baked beans… and of course, crispy bacon and eggs.



My wife chose the healthier option And I have to say that it was a riot of colours. The poached egg was perfect and that is not easily accomplished. May years ago we had visited a guesthouse in a small town where the owner cooked the breakfast. My wife likes poached eggs, while my go-to is either fried or scrambled. The owner had never cooked a poached egg before and it took her 6 attempts to get it right. She refused to give up until she had perfected it. We remained friends until she sold the guest house, and to the best of my knowledge, only made poached eggs when we stayed there.



The play area nearby…for those who want to exercise after breakfast…



For the adults…after dark.



Tapas, South African style…and a non-alcoholic drink for me.



And if the bar food was not enough, this second platter contained a variety of finger foods.



Another alcohol-free drink for me. I should have written down what it consisted of, but all I can remember was that it was wet, sweet, and tasty. Do I really need to know anymore? I also think that apples and raspberries were intimately involved, with some pomegranate fruit for crunch.



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