The Cheese Gourmet…Linden


It had been awhile since I visited this establishment.
However, my wife and I were invited to attend this celebration…
Together with their very first customer Jill and their aptly named staff.
Gift, Blessing, Patience…and Charles!
Guest speaker for the evening was Hilary Biller.

Helping Brian and Jo celebrate the 10th birthday of their
Little Shop of Cheeses…
It always reminds me of the Monty Python “Cheese Shop” sketch.
But without the bouzouki…
And they are almost guaranteed to have the cheese of your choice.

I wondered about the snail, as I know that they do not produce cheese.
But I figured that as the shop is part of the Slow Food movement,
this sculpture was apt.

It is not only cheese that can be purchased.
Anything that can be seen as an “accompaniment”can be purchased.
A veritable “one-stop-shop” for all your delicious deli delights

Cheese straws are almost a comfort food…

Peanut butter CERTAINLY is.
Put that into a biscuit and you have an almost perfect “food”.

And with cheese, you have to have at least ONE of these.

However, THIS is what the customers keep coming back for.
CHEESE…of all kinds.

They have goat cheese on offer.
Not a big variety, but more than enough to keep a gourmet happy

This, I believe, is one of their best sellers.
They offer more than 140 different cheeses to choose from.
Many of them Award winners!

A tool of the trade.

And delicious home made bread to fill with a cheese of your choosing.
I met the baker of this bread…and it is delicious.
Forget the “banting” diet…these carbs are well worth it

And something to drink?

There are a variety of Olive oils on sale.

In December, 2014, the shop underwent a major overhaul.
New floor tiles, and a slight rearranging of the shop fittings.
While I was there, I was interested to hear the compliments of the customers

The shop also has a coffee shop attached.
All the exterior tiling was redone at the time as the interior.
Breakfast and lunch can be enjoyed here.
The venue is available for hire for private functions.

You never know WHO you might bump into.
Linden is home to many TV and film actors.
In this case, Ian Roberts of Radio Kalahari Orkes fame.
Find out about their touring schedule:
(Not to mention a plethora of film and TV roles).

The Cheese Gourmet does wedding cakes,
made of cheese.
A sort of “cheese” cheese cake.
This can be used for pre ceremony drinks etc.
You can order platters, gifts etc for special or corporate occasions.
Interestingly, for their own birthday celebration they had a chocolate cake!

A prospective client discussing what is on offer.
Jenny was very quick to show her the “brag-book” of cakes,
large and small.
Add something different to that special occasion,
have a cake of cheese…

The shop can be found on the corner of 7th Street and 3rd Ave, Linden
It is open Monday(08h00-17h00) – Saturday(08h00- 15h00),
but closed on a Sunday

I did exactly as the sign said and
spent MY morning finding out about cheese.

Contact details:
Phone: 011 888 5384
Mobile: 083 656 5209
Keep updated on the specials on offer:
You can also follow them on Twitter

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