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Spring has sprung at Mabula Game Lodge.

    Despite COVID-19, September 1st heralded both the arrival of Spring, with all the beauty of the flowering plants around the lodge as well as...

Mabula Game Lodge, reopens for leisure travellers on Friday 28/08/2020.

    Raise a glass...or two! Mabula Game Lodge is ecstatic to be reopening their doors on Friday 28/08/2020. With the proper paperwork and permits in...

Mabula Ground Hornbill Project.

  This is the Hornbill that everyone knows and loves, thanks to The Lion King. 'Zazu' or more correctly known as a Yellow-billed Hornbill. It...

Mabula game drive sightings.

    With lockdown still at Advanced Level 3, where cross-provincial border travel is only allowed for business purposes, I got to spend time at Mabula...

Dashing Dassies or Rocking a Hyrax

  Just when I thought that I was alone with my thoughts as I wandered around Mabula Game Lodge looking for content for their social...

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