Nyala Safari Lodge…birds.

Egyptian Geese might be taking over every water source in our parks, but they are a necessary element of the ecosystem that works as a cohesive whole to keep nature in balance.




Recently, Travel & Things undertook a Lowveld road trip that included 3 Sun Destinations™ properties. Nyala Safari Lodge was the second Lodge on that trip. These are just some of the bird sightings that I enjoyed.




Master of all it surveys? A Tawny Eagle keeps an eye over its territory. Although they usually nest in tall trees, they will make use of power pylons and similar structures if those are available.




One of the most colourful birds in the bush. A Violet-backed Starling. Not a species I had seen before. This one had puffed up its feathers while getting some morning sun.




A Brown Snake Eagle…another of the raptor species that I saw during my stay at Nyala.




A harbinger of death or the leader of a clean-up crew? This Vulture is part of a combination of species that keep the bushveld carcass free.




A Yellow-billed Hornbill with an inchworm (or should that be a centimetre worm ) for lunch.

The Lion King made this species famous worldwide as Zazu. Known locally as the Banana bird for obvious reasons.




This Heron stood patiently on the bank, awaiting an opportunity to enter the water and search, unseen, for a snack.




Silhouetted against the fading light, this Hornbill is about to be swallowed by the encroaching darkness.




Night falls and as the birds settle down in the darkness, their final calls can still be heard in the still night air…

The end of another day in paradise.




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