Happy birthday to me…

It’s crazy how much I relate to this: “I can’t make eye contact when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.” Dove Cameron, American actress



YES, I AM…Proud to have made it to 67 relatively intact. If you had asked me at 18 what I would be like at 67, I would never have guessed. But, despite the lockdown and COVID-19, for today anyway, I am happy and grateful for family and friends. So many messages on every platform and from all corners of the world.


The best birthday present EVER! A signed affidavit to travel across Provincial borders and a permit to perform essential services!


I am truly blessed to be spending not only my birthday but the entire week at this camp while I produce content for their social media platforms. How one call can change an outlook. Next week? Meh, that might be a different story, but for now, I am living in the moment and just enjoying what this empty camp has to offer. It is a bit like being in a post-Apocolypse scenario and I am the only survivor…together with the handful of staff who have been here since before lockdown began.


Not quite a river running through the camp, but there is running water to help soothe my soul.

Part of producing content means going out on game drives. It is of interest to see how the animals behave towards the vehicles. They are less inclined to move out of the way and seemingly watch in wonder as we drove by. It will be interesting to note what happens to their interactions once visitors return to the property and the vehicle numbers increase again.


To paraphrase Scarlet in “Gone with the Wind”…”Francolin my dear, I don’t give a crap”!


This rhino calf was born at the beginning of lockdown, so less than 4 months old and very inquisitive. Luckily Mom was just out of frame to keep an eye on junior.


All puffed up to try and generate some heat in the late afternoon chill. This Lilac-breasted Roller was putting on a display for me. It was as colourful as my birthday cake.


Waking up in a bad mood. These two were part of a pod lying on the bank of a dam as we drove past in the late afternoon. Before heading for the water, they decided that a bit of interaction was required to get the blood circulating.


Although facing the wrong way, the size of this Nile Crocodile did impress me. I want to see those alligator hunters from the History Channel try to catch these with just a hook and twine!


What has Hobbit feet and usually only comes out at night?


Another 53-year wait comes to finality as I get to spend 20 minutes with this young Aardvark as it shuffled along the side of the road looking for a meal. Natures birthday present to me.



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