Black Rhino Game Lodge. A return visit

On a drive again. For me, the lodge and the facilities are there to make certain that I have food, a warm shower and a comfortable bed to sleep in. This lodge ticked all those boxes!



This was a return visit to Black Rhino Game Lodge for me, albeit that my previous trip was back in 2018. But, with the exception of some yet to be completed alterations at the rear of the main building, everything was as I remember…well as far as the main building is concerned. This was the view from my “office” for the duration of my stay. I commandeered a corner table on the deck in order to have this view of the waterhole and the various species that came to slake their thirst.


Weather depending, all meals can be enjoyed on the deck in the central gathering area of the lodge. It is from here that all activities begin, be they game drives or walks. (there is an indoor dining room that was used for dinners). The birdlife in this reserve is very special and you can tick off many species that flit through the Tamboti and Sheperds Trees that can be found in the grounds of the lodge.


Off to the side of the main building was this seating area. Great if you are in a group that wants privacy…or you just want to be alone. The majority of the guests that I interacted with sat on the main deck as it offered the best view of the waterhole.


One of my favourite areas of the lodge. Just to the side of the main deck, and with a view of the waterhole, this space is both relaxing and welcoming at the same time. During both my stays at the lodge, it seems to be the place that visitors sit in just before their departure…I wonder why? Part of the new construction can be seen in the rear of the image and the hide is secreted in the thicket in the left corner of this picture.


And speaking of best views…this hide offers visitors an uninterrupted view of the waterhole in front of the lodge. Just a few meters from the outdoor seating area, it is easily accessed during both day and night( the waterhole is lit for a part of the night)


This area can be directly accessed from the car park. Far away enough so as not to be ‘bothered’, but close enough to the bar and the food to hear when food is being served.


The lodge entrance in the early morning where visitors gather before heading out on a game drive. BTW: The reception area has its own building that is opposite this one. It means that the guests have the main space to themselves and the VERY friendly staff.


The seating area described earlier…but this time in the early morning.


From the corner of the building, looking back towards all the public areas, both inside and out.


Bush TV. It was most welcome when I was there in February and will be even more so during the winter months when this reserve can get cold.


I found a surprise waiting for me in my accommodation! I was staying in one of the new chalets that were under construction during my previous visit…


The large open plan space housed the bed, cupboards (plenty of hanging space) and a desk that I could work at. There is a TV in the room, but I found that a distraction and something that I could have done without. That said, it was a saving grace as I had not brought any reading material with me.

I have always wondered as to who unpacks at a game lodge? I never do. No matter what the length of my stay is, I tend to live out of my suitcase. More for convenience, I suppose and also by NOT putting clothes into cupboards, I am less likely to leave items behind.


An outside seating area that looks into the bush on the other side of the security fence that surrounds the camp.

Is the fence is designed to keep the animals out or the visitors in? A question similar to “Is the glass half full or half empty”. It depends on which staff member you ask about the purpose of the fence.


The seating area in my chalet…to the right(out of frame) is a bar fridge and a coffee station. Both of which came in most useful in keeping my water cold and providing tea while I worked after dinner.


A huge and lonely bed…my wife was not with me on this trip…great linen and good lighting, should you wish to read and not watch TV


Two indoor showers, a vanity slab with two basins and a toilet make this bathroom equal to any I have had in urban hotels.


But that is not all…a huge bath AND an outdoor shower completed the ablution facilities.


My view as I stepped out of the front door of my accommodation. A stunning view of the mountains in the distance.


Just some of the tasty food that I enjoyed during my stay at Black Rhino Game Lodge. Not only are guests served delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but there is also High Tea that needs to be consumed before game drive…and not forgetting the snacks ON the drive as well! My advice? PACE YOURSELF…the staff can be very persuasive when it comes to food.

And speaking of staff. I have to make mention of entire lodge team. From the reception, I got when I arrived, to those staff members that I interacted with during my stay. They are all special and are just one of the many reasons that guests enjoy coming to this lodge. Their attention to detail and their friendly demeanour made my stay a memorable one. And chatting to international visitors during game drive, I was not alone in this conclusion. Well done to you all!


Raise a glass as you listen to what the General Manager, Giles King, had to say about running a lodge.

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