Jacana books for the bush. I review some of their titles.

The Guide's guide to guiding

Roberts Birds of South Africa

This iconic bird ‘bible’ was commissioned in 1937 and was first published on June 8th, 1940. Since then it has seen many incarnations, with this edition being published in 2016. Not only is it available in print form, but there is also a phone app available. Concisely laid out, the information is easy to read and the illustrations are superb. A must-have for both the serious as well as novice birder.

Fun fact: The house in which my wife and I currently live belonged to the son of Austin Roberts!

Published in 2017, this book is one of the most ‘complete’ bush books that I have in my library. This title contains the answers to everything from “What to do if an animal is walking or standing on the side of a road”? to “How do you know when an elephant is angry”? Written in an easy to read style, this book will answer all those FAQ’s that field guides are inundated with. In fact, if you have it on a safari vehicle with you, the guide might THANK YOU for being able to help out with questions like “Why do bats hang upside down”? or “What makes the big piles of dung”? My answer to the latter would probably be “Guests running away”…and that answers yet another question in the book, “When we are on foot, why mustn’t we run from an animal”? All in all the author, Trevor Carnaby, has succeeded in being informative, educational and entertaining at the same time. A must-have title for anyone who is in the bush on a regular basis

Some of the most ‘ignored’ tracks in the bush belong to invertebrates. The easy ones, like centipedes and millipedes, can be quickly identified, but what about the tracks left by a grasshopper or perhaps a caterpillar? Author, Lee Gutteridge, delves deep into the magic world of the small creatures that are often ignored. Not only with photographs of their tracks but with signs of their presence as well. The 13 chapters cover everything from Tunnels, burrows and other excavations in soil or sand to Webs and other silken constructions. In between, he has imparted a plethora of information in a manner that speaks to both the layman and professional equally.

The Guide's guide to guiding

This is the seminal book if YOU are considering a career in the guiding industry. This is an easy to read book and the information contained is reinforced with anecdotes and stories that make it a joy to read. This book should be compulsory reading for anyone considering turning their love of the bush into a work opportunity.

Fun fact#2: the book is joyously illustrated by one of South Africa’s top cartoonists, Dov Fedler…who just happens to be my father-in-law.

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