Karkloof Safari Spa,KZN. Africa’s best kept secret?


This is the view from the deck of Villa 3,
at “Africa’s best kept secret”…
Karkloof Safari Spa.

Rain droplets turn a spiders web
into a “diamond” necklace.

Breakfast , before setting off on a game drive.

Luckily, this fellow was NOT on the menu.
There is a plethora of warthogs on the property.
Did you know that the correct term for
a group of warthogs is a “sounder“?

As there are very few natural predators in the reserve,
as a result the plains game are very relaxed
and the youngsters survive.
Like this small Nyala calf,
taking time to have a quick “snack”…

And just across the road,
this bull is keeping an eye on his herd.
When born, both male and female Nyala are identical.
As the males grow horns, their coat change dramatically

“Should we take the road less traveled”?

I was told by a game ranger many years ago
that buffalo always look at you as if you owe them money.
I wonder how much this Dagga Boy thinks I owe him?
All the buffalo at Karkloof Safari Spa are BTB free,
making them a highly sought after commodity.

One of the many water holes that abound here after the recent rains.
Looking like a mini Mara River crossing.

I actually thought that this Hamerkop was on a nest.
Turns out it was just perched rather precariously.

Zebra and Giraffe…two of Africa’s iconic species.
Karkloof has plenty of both.
Did you know 2:
The collective noun for zebra is a “dazzle“?
A group of walking giraffe is called a “journey“,
but when stationary, they are referred to as a “tower

The scenery is worth a visit!
Verdant bush in between mountain ranges.
You could not ask for better…

It seems as if this zebra forgot to put on its pajama pants!
Or perhaps some of the stripes washed off in the rain?

We spent a while watching this small pod of Hippo,
waiting and willing at least one of the adults to “yawn”…

In the end, this toothless youngster gave me the shot…

A flotilla of Egyptian Geese.
Mom and babies in tow.
It did seem as if one was from a previous brood,
as it was decidedly larger than its siblings.

This young White Rhino calf is only three months old.
Long may it live!

I finish off the day with a visit the the Spa.

Here I was pummeled, prodded, pushed and pulled!
The Thai massage therapists are the BEST.
More importantly, if you are on the Karkloof “signature” package,
ALL your treatments are included.

Do come and visit us very soon.
Our animals are relaxed as our guests
and are waiting to meet you.
Find out more about what Karkloof has to offer:


Images on this trip were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

In my dealings with this company to date
 I have only met with friendly and efficient staff
who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past few months
and in several cities, I highly recommend them.
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