2013…A retrospective.


Some of my highlights from 2013.

As I look back over 2013, the breaking story had to be Madiba.
First his “extended” illness and then his death, memorial service and funeral.
I had been lucky to work with him on six separate occasions
and I will never forget his smile and cheerful “Hello”
I was in a coffee shop in Coogee Beach, Australia when I heard the news of his death.
Thanks to James Kinloch at Radio Today, I was able to do a link to the studio to share my thoughts.

An unexpected Christmas Day road trip.
I do enjoy driving, especially when you come across this type of road sign.
Only in Africa!

The highlight of my year.
Our trip on the Voyager of the Seas.

10 leopards in 4 days!
I got to spend time with Guy Ellis and his Leopard ID Project in Botswana.

My first trails camp.

SA Blog Awards Badge
Travel & Things retains Runner Up in the 2013 SA Blog Awards.
The only top three 2012 Blog to still be in the top three.
Hard work but well worth it.

Heia Safari Ranch…
I have been visiting since 1976 and I never tire of going there.
My thanks to Gaby, Bianca, Ivan and all the staff for making Caro and I part of the family

It took me 47 years to get to see a kill.
This is that experience.
WARNING: Graphic images.

Another highlight…
My 60th!
Many thanks to my wonderful wife, Carolyn, for a splendid party
It has been remiss of me NOT to mention my daughter Jayne,
who compiled the most WONDERFUL book for me.
It was and will always be a fitting reminder of a very special occasion.

It was been several years since my last visit to the Monte Casino Bird Garden.
It is well worth a visit.

My favourite 2013 African country…Rwanda.
This was a chilling memorial to what happened in a very short time frame.
It was humbling to realize that I was standing next to the graves of 250000 souls.

Lion v Leopard.
One of the most interesting encounters I have ever witnessed.

A tall tale…camp fire fun.

Thanks to Radio Today and Heia Safari Ranch, Travel & Things has a voice.
The first show was broadcast in February.

I got to cover a lot of acoustic music during the year.
This is Bruce Dennill singing his heart out at Andy’s Acoustic Forum

Thanks to Grant Atkinson, I was able to get a different perspective on elephants.
Very special being at ground level while they walk past.

I have been supporting this market for almost two decades.
When I heard that it had closed,
I was upset that one of my favourite “people-watching” venues would be no more.
But then it re-opened at the Norwood Mall
and I hope that it be there for the next twenty years.

A fabulous new food market opened in 2013.
I wish it all the success for 2014…as long as the parking gets sorted out.

Somewhere interesting to stay over.
A visit to the Cradle of Humankind should be a MUST for every Gauteng resident.
The hotel make it easier.

This posting is dedicated to Paul.
Gone but never far from my thoughts.

Paul Schulte
The clouds will lift and our lives will continue.
Maybe not quite as before.
But we will adapt and memories will take the place of sadness.
There is light even in the darkest corners, our eyes just need time to become accustomed to the dark
David Batzofin


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