Sooner than expected…I return to White Linen Guesthouse… Tierpoort, Pretoria.

The guestbook encapsulates what every guest has experienced. This is truly a home-from-home! Highly recommended.




This message says it all.

Early in April, I had to attend a Pretoria launch for a music event that was to take place at the end of the month.

The launch was taking place in a suburb I had never visited before. And as I was uncertain what time it would finish, I did not know how long it would take me to get home. Thinking that it might be late, I decided to look for a guesthouse nearby to spend the night.

Linda, the owner of White Linen Guesthouse, hosted me for the evening and even supplied breakfast the following morning.

As I left, her parting words were “I do hope that you come back”. Well, she got her wish sooner than expected!

When I contacted her to ask for accommodation during the rehearsals for the event, she said  “Yes” immediately.

And for me, it was like coming home.




Once again I was accommodated in the Garden Room which has access, as the name suggests, to the garden and is situated in a quiet corner of the property.

These were the comments I made on my first visit, and they are still valid…

The room was clean and the comfortable bed was covered in linen that was crisp and white as the name of the guesthouse implied.

The website did refer to the fact that there was a closet in each room and there certainly was one in mine, however, as usual, I decided to ‘live’ out of my suitcase.

An interesting use of chairs that have been repurposed as bedside tables was something I have seen before, hence I scored them 100% for being unique.




Although the room had a desk that was a recycled Singer sewing machine, it faced a wall and there was a chair in a corner that gave me a view out over the garden. Hence the choice of where to work was a no-brainer.




The bird theme on the walls in the bedroom continued into the bathroom.

The room has a full bathroom with a bath and shower as well as a basin and toilet.




This corner might seem like nothing special, but it is where I spent much of my time while I was in the room.

While planning the day’s rehearsals and before breakfast, I sat here and enjoyed a huge cup of tea while looking out over the changing colours of the trees in the garden.




THIS was my view…now you understand why I did not want to sit at the desk and face a wall.

Autumn has arrived in South Africa and with that season comes stunning colours as the leaves change. A transitional season that should be enjoyed and celebrated.

Autumn carries profound symbolism, mirroring the transitions we experience in our own lives.

The season can be a powerful teacher, urging us to embrace change, let go of what no longer serves us, and find beauty in the impermanence of life.




The garden as seen on the short walk from my accommodation to the dining room.




The devil is in the detail. There were proteas where the strelitzias were on my previous visit.

Did you know? The primary symbolic meanings of the protea flower are strength, courage, and resilience since the plant survives in extreme climate conditions.

Proteas also symbolize diversity, due to the hundreds of variations in colour and shape found within their genus.




“Morning has broken”…

Sunlight on the leaves of the tree outside my room.

FYI: Autumn is symbolic of change, from the leaves evolving to beautiful warm hues to chunky knit jerseys being taken out of wardrobes to change and all with a sense of comfort and ease.




This table and chairs were in the fenced-off section of the garden outside my room. A great place for either early in the morning, before I headed off or even late at night, under a full moon and starry sky. A place to spend time reflecting and to be grateful for that.




Over the years, roses have symbolised some of our strongest feelings, such as love, passion and admiration. Whether you want to express love, friendship, or joy, there’s a rose for every emotion and occasion. However, choosing the right flower for a loved one isn’t always as simple as it seems.

Did you know?

The common meanings of different coloured roses are true love (red), mystery (blue), innocence or purity (white), death (black), friendship (yellow), and passion (orange).




Breakfast is served. From my last visit, I knew where the dining room was and this is what I found on the table waiting for my arrival.

The seating area overlooks the garden, an orchard of fruit trees and the huge trees lining the driveway.




Believe it or not, this is a breakfast scone! It breaks into triangular slices, much like a pizza.

Something I was unaware of. Scones can be either triangles or round. Historically, they were made by the Scottish into large, round, flat shapes. They would then cut the scones into serving-sized triangles.




This was the platter of food that was delivered on my first morning. It was FAR too much for me to consume alone.




As a result of the platter, I asked for a smaller breakfast on my final morning.

The minute steak was an extra that I had not requested, but Linda likes to F.E.E.D her guests and my request for only bacon and eggs was met with “And a minute steak”, and I was NOT going to argue.




I thought it was only my cat that lay like this on our couch back home…seems I was mistaken. I did not notice the dog at first as it was in shadow, so I was taken aback when it moved.

The dog’s name is Miena. Derived from the name Jacomina, a name that Linda’s husband used in the make-believe stories he told to their children.

There are renovations and additions planned for the property in the not-too-distant future and I hope to be asked to return to try those out.

A big thank you to Linda for her hospitality. Here property is highly recommended for weddings, functions or even as a stay-over if you want to visit the Rietvlei Nature Reserve in the early morning.





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