Tatenda Guest House in Hazyview.

A haven of hospitality in Hazyview...



Sir Singleton Sparks, Sparks for short, was there to greet me. We have met on a previous occasion but this is not my first visit to this welcoming property in Hazyview.

Main Coon cats can be both talkative and inquisitive, but the cats on the property have been ‘trained'(?) to stay out of the guest accommodation.

These might look like a ferocious set of teeth, but I was not on the receiving end and he did dain to come and investigate who I was and why I seemed to be friendly with ‘his’ humans.




This is my 3rd visit to Tatenda and each time I have stayed in a different room. On this occasion, I stayed in this recently redecorated room in the main building.

It can be accessed from a private entrance, which means that you do not have to go through the public spaces, like the lounge and dining room if you choose not to.

The bed was comfortable and it had a great worktop/desk which is a boon for visiting businessmen and travel writers, like me.

The doorway on the left leads to a bathroom with a shower, toilet and basin.

The room also has a tea and coffee station as well as a small fridge to keep drinks/food cold.




All the rooms in this section of the guesthouse have been recently renovated. Resting on their laurels is NOT what owners Brain and Gerda choose to do. There is always something to be fixed and/or changed.

The biggest change, and one that affects the entire property, is the fact that they have installed a solar set-up that makes load shedding a thing of the past for guests.




This room has the BEST bathroom.




And this is the bathroom. It is the best repurposing of a table that I have seen.

Brian should market these as I feel they would be a great addition to any bathroom.




I was told that the towel animal was meant to be an elephant…




Up close it looked like an Ewok or one of the ‘strange’ creatures from Star Wars.




This gazebo became a place of tranquility for me during my stay. A Bulbul was nesting close by and I spent time watching the adults flitting to and fro feeding their youngster.




Gotta love the necklace. It lends a touch of class.




I forgot to ask the owners if these were Christmas lights or if they were a permanent feature.

I feel to find out the answer, another visit might be on the cards.




The area around the pool has been overhauled, with the shade cloth over the pool being added and the deck to the right being extended.




The welcoming lights of the lounge in the early evening.

The gardens beg to be explored and the bird list (which currently exceeds 80 species) grows almost daily.




The view from Shiri Hide and Reflection Pool, built in 2021 and generously sponsored by Phil Gould and Wildlife Dreams.




Time for a delicious breakfast before heading off to the first lodge on a week-long road trip. Many thanks to Brian and Gerda for their hospitality…once again.




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The name “Tatenda” means “Thank You” in Shona, an official language of Zimbabwe.




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