KwaMbili Game Lodge. A return visit with a different perspective.

KwaMbili Game Lodge, situated in the Thornybush Game Reserve near Hoedspruit, within the Greater Kruger area provides an authentic safari experience. Home to the Big Five as well as an abundance of other game and bird species that offer guests an opportunity to experience great sightings.





The eyes of age and wisdom. Tracker Eddie doing what he does best…keeping his eyes on the various tracks and signs that he is able to read like a newspaper.

Not all lodges employ trackers anymore and I believe that lodges like KwaMbili are keeping this skill alive and educating not only their guests but their field guides as well.

Trackers seldom interact with the guests and Eddie is no exception, but his quiet manner and his extensive knowledge were put to use on every game drive.




If you look at this picture and hear banjo music, you were born in the 1950s. Of course, I am referring to the movie ‘Deliverance’ starring a very young Burt Reynolds.

The only sounds to be heard was the cry of a juvenile African Fish Eagle and the snorting of hippos that make this dam their home.

In the vehicle, we sat and watched as the early morning mist dissipated and eventually revealed this vita that had us in awe. Even when there are no dangerous game species to view there is always that landscape that can enthral.




Cleaning up in preparation for am upcoming meal? This was one of 5 cubs in this particular pride. They all looked very healthy and so they should, as they are being well protected by the pride males.




Births and deaths, the cycle of life in the bush.

We found this buffalo calf and her mom when she was just a few hours old and darkness was approaching.

We went out early the next morning and were grateful to find that she had survived her first night in the bush.




Don’t mess with me! These animals can be grumpy and dangerous…and for no apparent reason.

But then again, if you are this large, and you have survived this long, do you need a reason? No you do not.




A clash of horns that could be heard before we actually saw this duelling pair of Kudu bulls.

The fighting was intense and went from one side of the road to the other with neither adversary giving up ground.

The ‘battle’ raged for several minutes and then one of the bulls just gave up and walked away, leaving his opponent to claim a rather hollow victory.

Few of these interactions end in death, but every now and again their horns become interlocked to the point where they cannot untangle them and as a result, both animals will starve to death.




Moving the youngsters…

I have seen images similar to this, but I have never witnessed the event personally. There was a third cub, but it had already vanished into the thicket.

This was a special moment and one that I will remember.




Sunset in Thornybush is a stunning event.




A final sighting before the light vanishes. Our guide almost walked into this leopard while looking for a spot to have a comfort break.

Needless to say, he forgot all about that as he came back to the vehicle to collect us from our drinks stop and enable us to see this.




Out of the darkness… A Giant Spotted Eagle Owl.




A guiding party trick. Finding a Flap-neck chameleon in virtual darkness.




Breaking news.

The entire lodge is currently undergoing major renovations that should be completed by October 2022. For those who know the camp, the changes will excite you and for 1st-time guests, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of many months of renovation and decore changes, while keeping the essence of the lodge.




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