Anew Resort Hunters Rest. Rustenburg. The legend continues…

"Set on the foothills of the magnificent Magaliesberg Mountains, ANEW Resort Hunters Rest offers guests the perfect blend of comfort and adventure in the heart of the North West". From their official website




This is the imposing and highly photographic entrance to what is surely one of the few remaining iconic holiday destinations in Magaliesberg. The Anew Resort Hunters Rest (or just Hunters to the legions who have visited here over the years) has memories for generations of Gautengers that came here as children and are now returning with THEIR children and grandchildren. Even though the resort has changed management, you don’t mess with what is not broken and that, I believe, is why the return guest rate is so high. Those who have been, know what they are going to get on a consistent basis. And those, like my daughter and I who have not been there for perhaps 30+ years, were able to recognize the buildings and the grounds. While chatting the Werner, the assistant manager, it became evident that the changes that have been instituted have been in the decore and soft furnishings and not with the bricks and mortar aspects of the property. I have to comment on the staff that we interacted with who were highly professional. They are a credit to the organization and as ambassadors for the Anew brand, they are an example of how hospitality staff should be.



On my return, the first thing that friends wanted to know was “Is the pool still the same”? And the answer, as you can see is a resounding “YES”! We were there at the beginning of the week and the pool was not being utilized by anyone other than several ducks who seemed to have commandeered it for their own use.



Obviously, given the COVID-19 protocols, there have been some changes made currently. And one of those is the fact that cutlery arrives in a sealed plastic packet with a serviette and a sanitiser wipe. This does generate more plastic, but it is a necessary trade-off in order to keep both staff and guests healthy and safe. Temperatures are also monitored and a sticker regime was in place during our stay to make certain that guests signed into the public spaces.



Before heading to our accommodation, I decided to have a quick bite. Turned out to be not-such-a-quick-bite as you can see the size of the portion. And I had already asked that there be no cheese or bacon(as described on the menu) on this burger. That being said, it was devoured with gusto and both my daughter and I were unanimous in our high praise for the sweet potato fries. (so much so that we had them at more than one meal)



My vegan daughter did not have to struggle to find something that she could enjoy. In fact, she enjoyed the smashed avo so much that she had it on more than one occasion. That being said, the kitchen staff were aware of her dietary requirements and when above and beyond to accommodate her needs. And not just with a bowl of lettuce and tomato, but with interesting dishes that excited her taste buds. Well done to all concerned for not making it seem that it was a chore.



And finally, we arrive at our accommodation…



The visit was a belated birthday celebration for my vegan daughter who is currently visiting from her home in Cape Town. This vegan cake, specially prepared for her on-site was scrumptious, to say the least. It turns out that Prince, who made this delicious treat used to work in a vegan restaurant, so he knew exactly what to make. Suffice to say that it did not last for our entire stay.



Our suite had a lounge area the separated the two bedrooms and aside from when we were out doing activities, this is where we spent much of our time.



Seeing that this bedroom had a Queensize bed, as well as an en-suite, I would assume that this was the ‘main’ bedroom. Light and airy it was more than enough for my needs for the duration of the stay.



Both bathrooms are mirror images of each other and have both a bath and a shower, as well as a double vanity and a toilet.



The only real difference between the bedrooms is the fact that this one has two single beds and can therefore be used for the children if a family was to stay here.



The view of the forest through the window made you feel as if you were in a Hobbit story, and that the room was below ground…which it is not.



The view from the veranda of the accommodation that looks out over the manicured lawns and the plethora of foliage that surrounds and forms part of the property.



It was a full moon for the first night of our stay and this was the view of the moon through the trees. Good night from the heart of Magaliesberg, we have to be up early in the morning to walk/hike up to a look-out point that was have been told about.



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