After dark at Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway.

The Milky Way swooped diagonally across the heavens, reminding me of my utter insignificance, and at the same time my complete interconnection with everything. I was just a tiny speck of consciousness, and yet I was consciousness itself. Roz Savage




Although not a full moon, the light case by the waxing crescent moon allowed me to wander around Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway and soak up the nighttime ambience once the lights came on.



For some reason, this became one of my favourite spots during my stay. I am uncertain as to why it ‘spoke’ to me but it did. Perhaps it was because I could head off in a multitude of directions from this point? Or perhaps it was the magical light fitting that was beautiful during the day, but spectacular at night when its soft glow was a beacon in the darkness.



The public space between the dining room, the lounge and bar and the swimming pool. A vantage point looking down on the valley floor during the day that transforms into a serene space once the sun dips behind the mountains.



This is what the stress of the current pandemic and the constant stress of urban life made me feel like when I arrived. By the time I had to pack my bags for my return journey home, I was in a much better frame of mind! The total package that this ‘hideaway’ offers certainly was cleansing for body, mind and spirit.



A corner of the main lounge, bathed in the soft light of a variety of light sources. For me, this is the best time to wander around and soak up details that I had perhaps missed in the ‘harsh’ light of day. Certainly not minimalist, but, by the same token, not cluttered. An inviting space that offered visitors a place to relax before going to dinner.



One of the highlights of my visit…Literally, a high light! Once again the interior design of Clifftop that links both bush and beach in an interesting juxtaposition of materials.



This deck is outside the main lounge and situated above the wine cellar and private dining area. By day, this is a great vantage point for peering into the valley and watching the river meander peacefully past. By night, it assumes a totally different mantle and becomes a haven of quiet solitude and a place to contemplate the day that has passed.



Casting the spotlight on…another wall mask and cushion that caught my attention. The devil is certainly in the detail at Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway and it is these small details that make this a special destination, morning, noon, or especially at night.



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