The susters are doing it for themselves. Safari Susters on the road.

"We hope to see you on of our tours or maybe you have a product we must capture for you on video or photo. No place is too far for us to travel to". Nerise and Mariske



Back in November 2019, the founding member of Safari Susters was a guide at a lodge in greater Kruger where a 53-year wait culminated in the sighting of Travel &Things first ever pangolin. Since then she has moved on to start, together with her sister Mariske, their own safari company. I asked her to be my guest writer for April. Please welcome to Travel &Things, Nerise Bekker…



Safari Susters was started at the end of a very difficult and unpredictable year for many of us. The name was created during a visit from my sis at the safari lodge where I worked in the Greater Kruger. We had our first guests after the hard lockdown and she helped me with a new menu I designed for our trails camp. And so the guests gave us the name, the Safari Susters!

We didn’t think much of it at the time, and it became a saying during the week. Little did we know a couple of months down the line something beautiful will be born out of it. After I lost my job at the lodge because of Covid I had to really find direction again and it was a hard loss for me.



We decided to start this business aimed to inspire women to get outdoors and experience the wild places of Africa in confidence like we do. I am a guide and photographer and my sis is also a very enthusiastic photographer and videographer, so we decided to combine our skills and made it a travel and productions company.



Our other focus is the tours for women of course. With travel still being a bit unsure and a few logistical difficulties such as border crossings, we haven’t done a tour yet but we are planning to launch our trips soon.

Both my sister and I have travelled extensively to African countries. I have led overland tours to 9 of the 11 African countries I have visited. My sister has gone to some of the most remote wild areas that Southern Africa has to offer, planning these off the beaten track trips herself.



We will do some micro cycling adventures through the Karoo and Garden Route, and then of course a flower tour to Namaqualand. A photographic trip to the Kalahari will also be on the calendar and our grand Namibia & Botswana tours for later in the year. These trips will all be self-drive tours where we will assist and show the ladies how to camp in real wilderness areas. This includes making a fire, cooking on it, setting up camp and drive your 4×4 in areas where necessary.



We specialise in social media content for businesses as well as high-end photos and videos for lodges, restaurants, guest houses and coffee shops.



In closing, we just want to say we do love men! We are not feminists that believe women must take over the world and men have no place in it anymore. We have just experienced that it can be intimidating for most women to do outdoor activities when there are some strong, confident men around. Some ladies love to braai, but sjoe it can be a mission impossible to get a turn around the fire when the men are in charge. So we just want to create this safe space for all those ladies that want to experience all of this without the complicated dynamics to deal with.

You can be sure that we will plan and lead these trips with confidence as wells as make it super fun, ensuring that all the ladies joining us will feel welcome.



To find out what Nerise and Mariske offer, click on the logo above to visit their website. We hope to see you on of our tours or maybe you have a product we must capture for you on video or photo. No place is too far for us to travel to!