Found items. Thonga Beach Lodge, KZN

“Dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.”-Christy Ann Martine




The best place to be. On a beach watching as the sun claws its way out of the Indian Ocean and thrusts skywards. It is in these quiet moments of solitude and contemplation that I can, just for a while, forget the woes and stress of every day living and just be in the moment.




It is not always about looking to raid the beach for shells and other items. I often look at discarded pieces fo plastic, like this one, and wonder where their journey started.




A small piece of driftwood keeping the sand in check. Acting as if it was a great barrier, stopping the entire beach from vanishing into the sea. Or perhaps that is what I was thinking and it is just actually a stick…




This chunk of wood did have a stamp on it, but even though I was able to read it, it gave me no clue as to where this plank originated. It is certainly man-made and could possibly have been from a construction site?




“She sells seashells on the seashore”? Possibly, but I was not there to buy, merely to observe and move on…




A discarded piece of sea sponge caught in the early morning light.




The only birdlife that I found during my walk along the beach… A white-fronted Plover was taking a stroll parallel to me, but probably for different reasons. My perambulations were purely for pleasure, while the Plover was, no doubt, on the lookout for an opportunistic snack…or two.




One of many crabs that were scuttling around, darting into and out of holes in the sand. Trying to keep themselves safe from perceived danger.




Autumn colours in summer…what would the fashion police think?




Another discarded piece of wood, origin unknown.




Finally, an actual piece of driftwood…



“Oh, feather”!




The wind was picking up, blowing the sand along at a stinging pace.




TURTLE TRACKS! It was turtle egg-laying season while I was at this beach destination, but these tracks were the only ‘sighting’ that I got. I did see one out in the surf while I was on a snorkelling expedition, but I was hoping to find them on the beach. I will have to return early in 2021 to get to see the hatchlings.




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This is a spectacular lodge that offers guests, tired and jaded as a result of 2020 and the pandemic, the opportunity to relax and unwind with all the correct safety procedures in place. Highly recommended.





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