Covid-19 Lockdown, not a new disaster movie.

“The dragonfly exists because it exists and for no other reason.” Marty Rubin

Positioned here at the Southern tip of Africa, I believe that many of us thought that the virus would bypass us. Every disaster movie ever made that involves a virus has only affected the Northern hemisphere. Yet, in real life, it could not have been more different. Almost every county on every continent has confirmed cases. Let us all be mindful of that fact and if you treat this threat to humanity and world economies with the respect that is deserves, then perhaps we will ALL come out post-virus as better and more caring and compassionate human beings.


And so it begins. Day 1 or Day 0, depending on your point of view. It does not really matter if you count up or count down, this enforced lockdown will be with us until at least 16th April 2020. Buckle up bitches, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. (I am so glad that I neither smoke nor drink as I cannot imagine those who do being unable to obtain either. If I am to be a cynic, I foresee a thriving underground market in both commodities starting very soon.)


This, for me, is going to be my view for the duration of the lockdown. As my wife is a doctor, she still has to go to work, luckily not in direct contact with those who have tested positive. As a writer will try to use this enforced ‘holiday’ to catch up on a variety of tasks in and around our home, while still producing content for both my Blog and certain of my clients. Walls that were built to keep intruders out are now serving a different purpose…to keep residents in.


I have also tasked myself with learning at least one new skill…and completing an online course that has been lurking in the background for at least 2 decades!


We are grateful to have this giant Common Ash tree in our garden, that will allow me to get out and sit in its shade. Watching it as it sheds its summer leaves might end up being entertainment…given the fast that local TV has so many repeats. That being said, all those who scoffed at watching daytime TV are going to have to eat their words.


There is beauty to be found everywhere you look in a garden. Trapped in a hole in the tree in our garden, this dead twig caught my attention.


At least I can get out to look at the sky, which, on the highveld at this time of the year is truly breathtaking in its beauty.


This is as close as I am going to get to wildlife for at least the next 21 days. But, do not fear as I will be trawling through my archives to keep new and interesting content on Travel & Things while I am unable to travel.


Perhaps it is time to do a spot of gardening? At least I have this space to work in. Spare a thought for those who live in apartments who cannot get out. I hope that the next 21 days will be leafblower free…


My window to the world for the next while. My wife and I are so glad that we changed our widow about 3 years ago to these bespoke ones from Orejen. They have given us endless pleasure and now they will become the focal point of the view that I have.


My Executive assistant will no doubt play an important role in keeping me sane and active over the lockdown period. I would like to think that knows that the world is turning a corner as he has become more attentive over the last few weeks. Spare a thought for those with large dogs that need to be exercised and cannot. That is going to be a challenge for both owners and pets.


Carolyn and I wish all of my readers strength during this testing time. We as humans crave both company and contact. One or both are currently being denied to many of us globally. Staf safe, stay healthy and stay compliant. It is in all our best interests to do so.


So for now, well at least until 16th April, Travel & Things will be delving to archival images and stories, to keep you, mu readers, supplied with content to perhaps give you ideas for travel plans once the lockdown has been lifted. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and more importantly…STAY INDOORS!


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