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Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge.

    Our arrival at the main door that is below ground level and totally invisible from the car park. New visitors might find it a...

Lions, part of the circle of life. Sabi Sabi Game Reserve.

      Do you ever have a craving for a certain snack and when you go looking for it, it is unavailable? You are salivating for...

Who let the dogs loose? Sabi Sabi Game Reserve.

      Game drives are always a source of joy for me. I climb onto a vehicle with no expectations and that way I am never...

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge. Hidden from prying eyes.

      Many, many years ago I worked at this property as the Floor Manager on a well known afternoon chat show. The production company could...

Sabi Sabi Selati Lodge. A worthwhile return visit.

      Arrival at any lodge worthy of a star rating is always greeted with a non-alcoholic welcome drink of some description. This was waiting for...

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