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Dive Inn Guest House. Pongola.

      Time for a last visit to the beach to say good morning to the sun as it makes an appearance over the Indian Ocean...and...

St. Lucia Wetlands Guest house. A hidden gem.

      I have arrived at properties where the sign has read "Beware of the dog" or perhaps even "Careful, children in the driveway". But THIS...

Thula Thula, a return visit.

      After an 8 hour drive from Johannesburg (we decided to do it in one go rather than overnight which is what we usually do...

I must go down to the sea again. Thonga Beach Lodge.

    This wall hanging in the Thonga Beach Lodge reception set the tone for our visit. Encompassing some of the attributes of the area and...

Kosi Forest Lodge, KZN

    There is always more to any situation than meets the eye and at Kosi Forest Lodge the way to enjoy that is to relax...

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge…a view from the top

    Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge was the final stop on a mini road trip that had taken us via Pongola and a forest and beach...

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge, KZN

      ┬áRhino Ridge Safari Lodge was the final property that we stayed at that falls under the banner of isibindi africa. I finally get some...

Kosi Forest Lodge. KZN

    Kosi Forest Lodge was the first of three properties that we would be staying at that fall under the banner of Isibindi Africa. A...

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