Strand-scapes. A plethora of panoramas…The Strand, Cape Town.

A bust created by Cape Town artist Lionel Smit and is entitled ‘Assemble’. After being vandalised on Saturday March 19, 2022. Assemble, a sculpture forming part of a display of public art along Beach Road, Strand, has now been replaced and is back on display in its original location where it’s been on showcase since its installation in April 2021.




This wall of framed handprints features the names, ages and aspirations of those who had created these works. I wonder on what basis the participants were chosen.

It would be great if this would be turned into a 20-year project to find out if any of these youngsters achieve their goals.




It seems that many want to be soccer players. I would have assumed that it was only the boys, however given the popularity of the women who play the sport, it is an assumption that I can no longer make with any certainty.




I love her dreams and aspirations. I do hope that some (all of them) come to fruition.



I wonder why this shop needed to qualify who made the biltong. Does it make a difference?

I cannot attest to the quality as the shop was closed when I walked past.

Back in Johannesburg, I bought biltong made by a female butcher, and in a blind taste test, I could not perceive a difference between biltong made by her and biltong made by her male counterparts. Perhaps it is just a marketing ploy.




The main beach in the Strand, Melkbaai Beach, is a safe bathing area. Seeing that there were many fishermen out trying their luck casting from the beach, I assumed that the fishing here must be reasonably successful, although I never saw anyone catch anything.




The Hottentots Holland mountain range, where Gordons Bay is situated, forms the backdrop for the beach, while some of the locals make use of the windless conditions to take a stroll.

I was told that The Strand can be very windy, but for the duration of our stay, we had perfect weather every day.




Prominently situated on the beach, this belongs to H.O.A.M…Helderberg Ocean Awareness Movement. A dedicated group of concerned locals from the Helderberg region who plan to eliminate litter and give the beaches back to nature.

To find out more about what they are trying to achieve, follow them on Facebook:




The Strand-lopers… or a local version of The Walking Dead?

Or perhaps the beginning of the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse?




This building might look like it is on fire, but it is only the reflection of the sunset reflected in its windows.




Strand was established as a holiday and fishing resort in 1714. Before being known as Strand, the settlement was referred to as Mostert’s Bay.

In 1970, during the Apartheid era, all black, coloured and Asian people were forcefully removed when the town was classified as a white-only resort.




Included in the communities forced to leave at this time were the descendants of Cape Malay slaves, who had escaped from Cape Town over 100 years earlier. They lost their homes, but their mosque still stands today.




According to a local property website, there are 248 homes for sale along this stretch of road.

I could be wrong, but this was one of the few houses that I saw.

According to friends whose family have lived in the area for decades, most of the homes have been bought and converted into highrise apartment blocks.




This was a portion of an article written by Yaseen Gaffar, published in the DistriksPos on 07/12/2022 (to read the entire article, go to

“Demolition of derelict sections of the Strand jetty, which started on Monday (5 December 2022), marked the end of an era for the community, many of whom reacted with dismay and disappointment that one of the Helderberg’s most recognisable landmarks would soon be no more.

Although only sections of the dilapidated structure are being removed, the entire shape of the linear jetty is now dotted with gaps and it appears to be only a matter of time before the rest follow suit.

A sense of nostalgia engulfed many locals who grew up in Strand, as they recalled wedding ceremonies on the jetty, photo shoots, fishing lessons and casual strolls at sunrise and sunset.

“There are many childhood memories of that jetty, so I’m sad to see it in that state and losing it forever,” one reader commented”.




Not really. It has company in the form of holiday apartments.

It is no longer connected to the beach, so it is a monument to a time long ago when it was used.




Mountains, beach, sea, a clear sky and sand. Does one need anything more for a superb holiday?




I sat for the longest time at this pipeline waiting for the perfect wave that would flow over each of the concrete supports. I was able to get this image and then a group of people stopped in front of me, obscuring the wave covering the final three.

Seeing that they could have walked behind me, I decided to give up and move on. Annoying to say the least.




Looking somewhat like Miami, Florida. My wife has seen changes to this town as she and her family have come here on holiday regularly over the past 40 years.




A flock of gulls wades in the water, their white and grey feathers glistening under the soft light of the setting sun. The serene scene is momentarily interrupted as a female gull swoops gracefully down from the sky. With wings outstretched, she glides effortlessly above the surface, her reflection mirrored in the calm waters below.

As she approaches the flock, her wings tilt slightly, adjusting her descent. The other gulls, sensing her arrival, part slightly to make space, their raucous calls creating a noisy chorus.

The gulls continue their activities, wading through the shallow water in search of food, their movements synchronized in an almost dance-like manner.

The flock, now complete with her presence, continues to wade and forage, embodying the peaceful and communal spirit of nature.




I found this feather lying gently on the sand near a group of gulls.

A white feather can hold a variety of meanings depending on cultural, historical, and personal contexts. Here are some common interpretations:

  1. Peace and Purity: A white feather can be seen as a sign of purity of thoughts or intentions.
  2. Spiritual Messages: In many spiritual and religious traditions, finding a white feather is considered a message from angels or a sign of divine presence. It’s thought to be a reassurance that a guardian angel is nearby, offering protection and guidance.
  3. Loved Ones: Some people believe that a white feather is a sign from a deceased loved one, letting you know you are being watched over and are not alone.
  4. Courage and Bravery: Historically, during World War I, white feathers were sometimes used as a symbol of cowardice, given to men who were not in uniform. However, in a modern context, this meaning has largely faded, and the feather is more positively associated with spiritual and peaceful connotations.
  5. New Beginnings: A white feather can also represent new beginnings or a fresh start, signalling that a change or a new chapter is on the horizon.
  6. Freedom: Feathers, in general, can symbolize freedom, as they are associated with birds and flight. This white feather might signify a new level of freedom or liberation.



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