Life is a beach?

The rhythmic dance of waves possesses an innate harmony that transcends the shoreline, creating a mesmerizing cadence. The regularity of their ebb and flow weaves a tranquil tapestry, a visual lullaby for those who gaze upon the horizon. As waves embrace predictability, their gentle repetition synchronizes with the human spirit, inducing a calming effect. The mind, entranced by the consistent ballet of nature, finds solace in the reliability of this aquatic choreography. In the symphony of waves, a serene connection unfolds, offering a therapeutic escape and a timeless reminder of nature's soothing embrace.




Is this the squatting human pose? Or just a human squatting?

One of the locals goes through his morning Tai Chi exercise routine. I watched him for a while, almost mesmerised by his hypnotic movements. Once he had completed his ‘beach’ workout, he continued to exercise on the promenade.




It seems that Muizenberg is undergoing a makeover and subtle gentrification. Or am I mistaken?

The iconic Surfers Corner building seems to have had a fresh coat of paint since my last visit to Muizenberg.




It seems that the bathing change rooms are popping up all along this coastline.




As these 3 gents approached me I could almost hear the Jaws music.”Why”? I have not the vaguest idea, but it did get me into a conversation with them. And they did not disagree about my choice of theme song.

The fellow in the middle was celebrating his 75th birthday by ‘picking up shit’…his words, not mine.

We chatted for a moment before they moved off muttering about the crap on the beach.




The Empire Theatre on Muizenberg beachfront opened in 1941. With stalls and circle seating and an Art Deco style, The Empire was a great compliment to the beachfront. It closed in the mid-1970s and became derelict in the 2000s.

It took its name from the iconic Empire Leicester Square which has been one of London’s most popular cinemas since it first screened moving images to a UK audience in 1896.




A morning surf class.

There seemed to be a plethora of men and women of all ages leaning to surf as I sat and chatted with the father of one of the surf instructors. People here were keen to engage in conversation and share life lessons.




Poles apart?




Look Ma, no hands.

This impressive building surmounted by a Clock Tower was built in 1912-13 and was officially opened on 7 June 1913 by the then Minister of Railways & Harbours, Mr Henry Burton. It was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation in 1982.

Did you know?

It’s evident, even at a glance, that Muizenberg Station is a grand building. But it is the clock tower that is unique, as it is made from teak.




It is amazing how quickly steel turns to rust in the salty sea air.

Muizenberg station, designed by a pupil of Sir Herbert Baker, was declared a National Monument in 1982, and recently underwent extensive restoration.

Much of the material used in the renovations was sourced locally. The paving and stairs are quarry flagstone from Elsie’s Peak and the dressed sandstone came from Kalk Bay.

Inside, it is the high wooden ceilings that are its most beautiful feature.

It was built when Muizenberg was known as the ‘Brighton of South Africa’. The railway first reached the seaside suburb in 1883, when it was not unusual for thousands of people to head out to the beach for the day, making Muizenberg Cape Town’s first beach resort.




Waiting for Godot or the 10h30 to Kalk Bay?




I am ready for my close-up. I am uncertain if this fellow saw me and my camera or if something caught his attention and made him smile.

Like his carry bag says…UNIQ.




You can call me Arch!

The dark and brooding clouds held a hint of rain, but luckily that never happened.




The old and the new…

The recently upgraded Southern line passes through Muizenberg on the way to the final stop at Simons Town. The journey, with stops from central Cape Town to the end of the line, takes just under 3 hours and is a great way to enjoy the scenery along the way and stay out of the traffic.

There are 28 stops along the way and trains run along the Southern Line rail route every forty minutes or so, and every hour on Sundays.

This is certainly one of the best day trips around Cape Town and well worth adding to an itinerary.

Patrolled by police to keep commuters safe, the carriages are clean, and the journey reasonably priced.




Tunneling away. The walkways under the train lines are cleaned and disinfected daily. Sometimes the aroma of the products utilized is overwhelming, but necessary to keep these areas from becoming toilets for those living rough in the area.




Waiting patiently.




An early morning board meeting?




Time to hit the road. I have never owned one of these, but I did learn to drive in a VW Beetle. One of the few manual cars where you can change gears without using the clutch and not destroy the gearbox.

I found this hidden on the corner of a window sill in a coffee shop while looking out over the beach and the surfers.




As a friend of mine pointed out, this is either a hectic landing strip or a coastal air show. Thanks, Conrad.




For my wife and I, a whole new future eventually lies behind the door to this apartment in Fish Hoek.

But not just yet.

Suffice it to say that we now have a foot in the door, literally, and have plans in place going forward.




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