Along the undulating edge of the sea, gulls orchestrate a ballet with the breeze. Their wings, dipped in sunlight, catch the ocean's whispers, guiding them in a graceful waltz above the lapping waves. With keen eyes, they survey the shoreline, masters of the interplay between land and sea. The rhythmic cadence of the tide forms a backdrop to their symphony, a timeless melody echoing through sandy stretches. Against the canvas of azure and golden sands, the gulls become avian poets, inscribing verses with each effortless glide. Here, on the seashore, their presence is a testament to the enduring romance between wing and wave.




When you can carry much of what you own with you.

We are a materialistic society whose mantra is often “He who dies with the most toys wins”.

It is only later in life when you need to downsize that you realize just how much you have accumulated that is of no value to anyone other than yourself. That value might only be sentimental and have no monetary value.

In a way, I envy this beach-walker.




Time to call in the troops. These male and female Kelp Gulls were squabbling over what looked like crabs.

Did you know?

There is no such species as a seagull. They are all gulls of different descriptions.




But is it art?




A busy stretch of coast with both arrivals and departures taking place at the same time.




Locked in…




The toing and froing of this flock of gulls…with the accompanying calls.

Gulls do nothing quietly.

FYI: The most common collective nouns for groups of seagulls are colony, flock and scavenging of seagulls. In this instance, I think it was the latter.




The waves roll in and the waves roll out.

Never predictable, always mesmerising.




Calling all gulls…




Setting up or down?

As I looked at these steps I wondered how many feet had trod either up or down. How many tonnes of water had washed over them? Yet here they remain. Resilient to the last.




First solo flight?




The bathing houses that have become synonymous with St James can also be found at Muizenberg.





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