Cape Town in my rear view mirror. From the other side of the mountain.

The waves roll in and then they roll out again. Predictable and hypnotic.





There was a lot of this washed-up kelp along the beach, as well as a fair amount floating just beyond the breakers.

It seems to be part of the natural sea-scape of the beaches in this area.

Did you know?

Kelp may improve sensory receptors. It also promotes healthy nails and blood vessels, aids in digestion, and eases constipation. It might reduce hair loss and help with diabetes and weight management. Kelp has been known to treat gastrointestinal ulcers.




I was told that these were students from a nearby fire-fighting academy. It seems that they were on a route march that would take them down the coast.

Unlike military marches that come with an officer calling cadence, this one was done in silence, which was eery.

FYI…these are some of the qualifications that recruits are required to have when applying for a position at the academy.

  1. Matric.
  2. Driving licence -Code 10 with PrDP.
  3. Complete a physical test.
  4. Cannot be claustrophobic.
  5. Must not be afraid of heights.

I wish them well in their chosen career as the fire season begins on this side of the mountain.




From afar, this looked like a bronze statue, however up close it seemed to be more painted plaster. But it is a landmark at the entrance to a car park in Fish Hoek.

Erected in 1985, it was sculpted by Ernest Lodge, in honour of author, and former owner of  what was then called the Fish Hoek Echo, Cedryl Greenland.




“Frolic” it said and it seems that this couple are following that suggestion.

This statue by Ernest Lodge, is close to the dolphin one. Up close it is showing signs of its age,but that might be a result of being here since 1983. For a 40-year-old, it is not doing that badly thank you very much!

Long may it continue to convey a message that seems to be accepted by both locals and tourists alike.




While Muizenberg is being overhauled and buildings are being repainted and graffiti removed, I hope that this wall art at one of the passenger tunnels under the railway lines is allowed to remain as is.

It is part of what gives this area character and to possibly sanitize by obliterating this seems, to me anyway, to be counterproductive.




I presume, given a nearby signboard that this is where the ticket inspector sat and clipped the tickets of the passengers getting onto the trains?




The tallest building in Muizenberg? I wonder how it got permission to be built, given the size of everything else in the vicinity. Or perhaps it slipped under the radar of city planning and was built before the regulations were implemented.




This is the standard fare at Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay.




What I was not aware of was that they do plated food like this.

Shaved salmon with toast and micro greens, a far cry from the croissant filled with scrambled egg and bacon that I was having for breakfast.




The calm before the storm? The entrance to the Kalk Bay Harbour.


James & Kalk Bay was opened in 1883, with construction beginning on the formal harbour walls in 1913.

How did Kalk Bay get its name?
A literal translation from the Dutch/Afrikaans name “Kalkbaai” is “Lime Bay”. This derives from the deposits of mussel shells that were found here, which early settlers burned to make lime for construction.





With all the hype around the recent RWC and the Springbok win, I am not surprized to find potential players of the future practising their skills.




I’ve looked at clouds from all sides now. The cloud formations over Cape Town a especially evocative and different from what we get on the Highveld.




Looming large…




This encapsulates everything that a holiday should be.

Relaxation, the sea, and trains to get you along the coast quickly and at a reasonable cost.





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