A non-tourist view of Cape Town.

The name was derived from the Dutch word ‘kalk’ meaning chalk. In 1795 the Dutch located a small military outpost here, and after 1806 it began to flourish as a fishing village and whaling station. During the 1860s it became popular as seaside resort and watering place. It is still a popular tourist destination and a magnet for photographers and artists. And Kalky's, the fish and chip shop on the dock is world famous and a ‘must visit’ during any trip to Cape Town




The foot traffic through the doors of the Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay is phenomenal. But how many people notice the door knocker/handle?

Did you know?

This iconic destination opened its doors in November 1997. The building used to house a greasy old fish-and-bait shop, but the name Olympia Café had the words “and Deli” added to its signage, and a legend was born.

The owners are proud of their roots in the fishing, somewhat bohemian, village of Kalk Bay. And they are even prouder that Olympia Café remains the institution at the very heart of today’s caring Kalk Bay community.

You can’t book a place at the tables, however, you are encouraged to wait, like countless others before you and peruse the menu or enjoy a coffee while waiting to be seated.




While I was waiting, this carguard approached me and asked me to take his picture as it was his 28th birthday.

So I obliged. I did not get his name and before we could chat he darted off into the traffic to help a hapless driver trying to turn against the flow of the oncoming vehicles on the main road.




“I must go down to the sea again”…and even though it was only a short visit, the sea air and the view out over Kalk Bay harbour soothed my soul and calmed my stressed Johannesburg nerves.

The lifestyle on this side of Table Mountain seems to move in sync with the ebb and flow of the tides, something that could be easily accepted should one choose to move away from the rat race of Egoli and all the inherent stresses that go with that style of living.




I have seen images of this entrance when the sea is at the height of its fury, but I have never witnessed that depth of power in person. Perhaps one day I will.




Do you need to rack up steps for your fitness program? Then Kalk Bay is ideal for that.

Or, you can run up and down the stairs and pretend that you are Sly Stallone from any of the Rocky movies.




On a clear day, you can see forever…or at least until the horizon.




Although it looks like the crowd seated on the bench was getting drenched they were far enough for the spray not to be affected.




Getting through the breakers seemed to be the hardest part.

The yellow buoys in the foreground form part of the shark nets that were in evidence during the visit to the beaches along this stretch of coastline.




My wife is always insistent on ‘dipping her toes’ in the cold Atlantic waters. Here she got more than she bargained for, but she did eventually emerge from the water with a HUGE smile on her face.

Mission accomplished.




With the Rugby World Cup still fresh in our memories, this young fellow might be honing his skills to compete in years to come.

I should have asked for his name so I could have looked out for him in either the 2027 or 2031 squad. One never knows.




Coming into land…

FYI. There is no such bird as a Seagull!

There are Gulls of various species, this particular one being Kelp Gulls looking for crabs along the shore…and succeeding more often than not.




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