Kingfisher Villa. Part 2. Limpopo Province

The pool light at Kingfisher Villa, a beacon of light in the early morning, contrasts with the dawn's advance. It symbolizes our capacity to shine even when darkness surrounds us. Just as the light conquers the night, we too can overcome challenges that loom like sentries in our path. Each day, we possess the power to illuminate our journey, to push boundaries, and to defy limits. Let it remind us that, like the unwavering pool light, our inner radiance can pierce through adversity, guiding us toward success and illuminating the way for others. Embrace the dawn with unwavering determination, for you are the light.




Our arrival at Kingfisher Villa was greeted by this appetizing lunch before heading off to explore what the public spaces have to offer arriving guests.

Quiche and sliders were the perfect beginning to what was to be an extraordinary weekend at this superb venue, less than 3 hours from Johannesburg.

Kingfisher Villa is the epitome of an aspirational destination. Whether you’re a family seeking bonding, friends longing for adventure, or a corporation aiming to rejuvenate, it’s the ultimate sanctuary for your spirit and soul.

Here, nature’s embrace rekindles weary hearts, and every sunrise offers hope anew. Amidst serene landscapes and luxurious comforts, dreams are kindled, bonds strengthened, and inspiration ignited.

This haven beckons you to rediscover your purpose, leap beyond limits, and embrace the extraordinary.

Kingfisher Villa isn’t just a destination; it’s a transformative experience, where your aspirations take flight, and your spirit soars to new heights.




Can you go up a down staircase?

Here there is a choice as there are two sets of stairs leading to a mezzanine floor lounge and an outdoor balcony that overlooks the dam in front of Kingfisher Villa.




The staircase in the previous image leads to this…

Inside out or a lounge for all seasons? The grace and elegance of this public space epitomises the no-compromise attention to detail that can be found throughout Kingfisher Villa.

Guests can use either of these spaces to sit in quiet contemplation and relax, all the while enjoying whatever nature provides to view at the dam.




One of the spectacular lighting centrepieces.

Replica elephant tusks play a large part in certain of the design elements of the sublime decor at the Villa.




The main lounge is to the right of the reception area which includes the bar and access to the main deck. With a fireplace and the largest flatscreen I have ever seen, it is the ideal place to relax before meals or pre-safari outings.




Up close. The animal heads are also found on the bases of the lamps on the bedside tables in the suites.

It was chilly during our stay and the fleece blankets were most useful in keeping the cold at bay.




This could be the cover of a luxurious design magazine!




If the weather plays along, meals can be enjoyed on the outdoor deck.




More food…




Yet another space to relax, which seems to be the overall feel of the Villa.




Driftwood makes a wonderful wall accessory.

Sixteen pieces of driftwood adorn Kingfisher Villa’s wall, enigmatic relics of an improbable journey. Far from the sea’s embrace, these timeworn travellers hint at an untold tale. Perhaps they embarked on a maritime odyssey, escaping tempestuous waves, only to find refuge within the tranquil heart of a game reserve.

Or, their arrival might involve a whimsical twist of fate, carried by floodwaters during a deluge, a poignant reminder that nature can defy expectations.

By their presence, we are reminded that stories like driftwood often meander through unexpected routes, leaving us to wonder about the mysteries beneath their weathered surface.




“Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that.”
George Denis Patrick Carlin.




Fearsome faces?

The ferocious fixtures prove that even the wildest beasts can have a whimsical side. In the end, the light fitting became a talking point, reminding us that humour can lurk in unexpected places.




Drinks stop while on safari…fine ‘snacking’ in the bush.

Guests are offered the opportunity to choose their beverages before heading out on safari. Some will choose what they already know, however, some wish to be adventurous and are open to trying something more African…like Amarula.

And let’s not forget the local snacks – dried fruit so fresh it’s practically still on the tree and biltong and dried wors to temp the uninitiated palate. Every sip and bite adds a dash of adventure to the overall safari experience.




As the sun’s fiery embrace melts into the distant mountains, my heart swells with gratitude. The day’s adventures, a kaleidoscope of experiences, replay like a memorable film in my mind. And what of tomorrow hidden behind the veiled horizon?

What new faces will I meet, what untamed landscapes will I explore? Africa’s promise lingers in the twilight, a whisper of possibilities. As the stars begin to emerge, I am reminded that every African sunset is a prelude to a fresh dawn, another chance to savour the wild wonders the continent I call home bestows on my soul.




The central bar area is a great meeting place for guests to discuss the day’s activities and plan for what might lie in store when the new day dawns. What anecdotes might be shared which seated at this bar?

“Remember that time we mistook a rock for a rhino and got all excited, only to discover that what we were looking at was a lump of granite?” As an aside, rhino-rocks are a common mistake while on a safari.

Amidst the laughs and clinking glasses, these anecdotes become legends, ensuring that the central bar isn’t just a place for spirits but also a wellspring of unforgettable safari hilarity.




Bathed in the warm embrace of light, Kingfisher Villa emerges as a steadfast bastion of calm and serenity, a tranquil oasis amidst the darkness of the African bush that envelops it. Here, the night’s mysteries only serve to accentuate the Villa’s inviting glow. It stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the desire to find solace and comfort even in the wildest corners of nature. In this contrast, the Villa becomes a beacon of refuge, a place where weary souls find respite, where the heart finds peace, and where the untamed beauty of Africa harmonizes with the comforts of home.




Time for a final moment on the swing before heading off to bed? Of course.




Let your eye lead you down this passage to the soft, inviting light on the wall at the end. It bathes the corner in a serene glow, revealing the simplicity of the decor, like a whispered secret. The unpretentious elegance invites guests to shed their burdens, embrace tranquillity, and savour the moments of quiet relaxation that await.

It’s not opulence that fills the heart here, but the pure essence of peace. In that gentle radiance, one finds solace, a refuge from the chaos of the world. It’s a reminder that in life’s simplicity, we often discover the most profound emotions—serenity, contentment, and quiet joy.




I am a sucker for soup and this was plated with such style and elegance that all I wanted to do was just look at it.

But hunger eventually won and the soup and its design vanished in several spoonfuls.



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