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The red-billed quelea is possibly the most abundant bird species on earth, with their nickname throughout Africa, as the “feathered locust”. Aside form ants, they are probably the most prolific species that you can find when out on a game drive.





Dad jokes coming up…


5 ants + 5 ants = tenants.

Friend of Cleopatra – Anthony.

Largest ant in the world – Elephant

A 100 year old ant – antique

Bringing an ant from another country into your country = important.

Ant at school – Brilliant.

Ant looking for a job- Applicant.

Ant breakfast –  Croissant.

Ant in a court case- defendant

Spy ant – Informant.

Ants when they make a noise- discordant

Small ant- infant.

Ants when they protest – militant

Ants when they are fat – abundant

Ants  when they sing – significant.




Ants when they relocate – immigrant

Where ants go out to eat- restaurant

Ants in the military – lieutenant

Ants  when they work in finance – accountant

Ants when they perform surgery – transplant

Who is in charge of all the ants – commandant.

Ants when they are a specialist Doctor – Consultant

Worker ant – servant

Ants when aloof – arrogant.




Ant finally…see what I did there?

When ants run away together- antelope




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