Can milestones become millstones?

"And I can't wait to get on the road again On the road again Goin' places that I've never been Seein' things that I may never see again And I can't wait to get on the road again". Willie Nelson




‘Nuff said…

We tend to try to preserve ourselves for reasons that are only apparent when we eventually are about to shuffle off this mortal coil. Not having enjoyed ourselves for fear of breaking or getting injuries that we cannot recover from.

We populate our lives with dates that recognize those who have left before us and the build-up to those anniversaries places stress on both us and those who love us.

So why do we do it? “It is only ‘x’ days to the anniversary of Troy’s death” we remind ourselves every year. Troy does not care, he is not reading Facebook posts…or this Blog for that matter.

BTW, the name Troy was used as an example only…to the best of my knowledge, I do not know anyone named Troy.

Not many of us have a DeLorean that can time travel, therefore our lives tend to be lived by resurrecting memories from our past that were important and that we still have an emotional connection to for reasons that are good, bad but never indifferent.

So, I sit at my desk with country music playing softly in the background while I construct this post of memories that are important to me and perhaps the pictures will resonate with you, the reader, making you think of times and places and situations that you can relate to.

Don’t let the milestones of our lives become the millstones that will keep us from enjoying our time on this piece of rock we call Earth.




A new bokkie for the team?

Given the way that our National team played in Adelaide(27/08/2022) against the Wallabies, new blood should be welcomed.

This memory is from a property I frequented for more than 40 years before selling. So many memories both happy (my wedding) and sad (the murder of two friends) keep this venue in the forefront of my mind.

It was my go-to place almost every weekend for those 40 years and I do miss the gentle times that I went there to heal from what life was throwing me at the time.




A Blue Waxbill in a small water feature in one of my favourite game reserves.

Although this body of water is quite small it is also frequented by a variety of large mammals like hyenas and buffalo.

Some of my best bush experiences were had here with staff and the owners.




A window to my world of travel. This is what I enjoy bout road trips…finding new and interesting places.

Take time to turn off the main highways wherever you live and go in search of the back roads and meet those who still live in the rural areas. You will be amazed at who you will meet and the hospitality that they will offer you.




The N1 from Johannesburg and Cape Town is seen from a Boer War battlement off a dirt road that not many travelers are aware of.




From Zanzibar. One of my favourite island destinations…if you do not spend time in the major tourist hotels. For me, Seychelles is far too expensive and Mauritius is geared for tourists by the thousand.

My first trip to Zanzibar was spent with my wife in the southeast of the island on a beach that was frequented by about 7 people! And those were all locals as we were there at the end of the season and in that area, the hotels and restaurants close up once the tourists leave.

This trip was long before the pandemic, and I have not had the opportunity to return since COVID was a ‘thing’.




It took me decades to get a picture of the lighting.

I was standing in the rain, out in the open on the top of a hill with family and friends shouting at me to seek shelter.

I eventually did, but only after I managed to get 12 images that I was happy with.

This is from that series. Good, but dangerous times.

In retrospect, my exposed position was hazardous to say the least.

However, when the photographers who captured the images of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald were asked why they did nothing to stop the assassination, their response was “We are here to capture history, not to change it”.

For me it was a similar moment, having waited so long for the perfect opportunity to capture this image.




Could be a scene from Montana in the USA.

But it is much closer to home…in the suburb adjacent to where I live at present.

This was taken on a cold autumn morning and I thought that I would be the only photographer there…turns out I was wrong!

There were about a dozen of us, some driving for more than an hour to get there before sunrise.




Beauty is wherever you find it.




I could have posted images of the Big 5, but the Dwarf Mongoose is one of my favourites.

They might scurry off on the arrival of humans either on foot or in a vehicle, but if you are patient they will return as their innate curiosity gets the better of them.

Do you know what is the plural of ‘mongoose’ is?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the correct plural of ‘ mongoose ‘ is not ‘ mongeese ‘ but ‘ mongooses’…English is a really weird language.

And to prove the point, this is my favourite mongoose joke.

A zookeeper lost a pair of mongoose in a storm and needed to replace them.

He began writing an email to his supplier…

“Dear sir,

Please send me two mongooses at once.”

That didn’t sound right, so he tried again.

“Dear sir,

Please send me two mongeese at once.”

That still didn’t sound right, so he gave it one last attempt:

“Dear sir, please send me one mongoose.

Many thanks.
Regards, Bob
PS: Will you send me another mongoose with it.”

I hope that this post has resonated with some of the memories that you hold special.

May we all see many more sunsets and sunrises, all the while being cognizant of the words of Hunter S. Thompson that I used at the beginning of this visual journey.






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