Never a dull moment at Safari Guide of the Year 2022.

"Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others." — Gordon B. Hinckley


Hosted at the Southern African Wildlife College by Bushwise, dressed by Ruggedwear and organised by FGASA.




Invariably I arrive late on the first day of the event, thus missing out on the finalists, judges and guests arriving.

This year Travel & Thing arrived a day early and was therefore ready for the hordes that were about to make their presence felt.

From The Wild Earth TV crew to international guests, I could ‘capture’ them all.

The finalists and the judges are important, but it is also about those who remain in the shadows that contribute to the success of an event like this.




This was to be part of the accommodation that I would share during the event. My first roommate would  be there for two night and then would be replaced by the same roomie that I had in 2021.

Not a tent thank goodness as the first few nights were exceptionally cold.

But hot showers and working electricity kept the chill on the outside rather than allowing it in.

Both my roommates snored, but seeing they had the good grace not to say if I did, I chose not to tell them at the time…but if they read this, they will no doubt contact me and let me know if I DO… I cannot rely on my wife (who does snore) but is deaf and can therefore not say if I do. It is often a bone of contention between us as she wishes that she DID have an answer to that question.




Eugene is on the right striding out to show the finalist their quarters.

Although it was a sunny morning, that would soon change and become bone-chillingly cold.




Michelle, the MD of FGASA, was instrumental in once again putting on what was going to turn out to be an awesome event.




All the way from the USA. James and Elizabeth arrive with their luggage.

On their return trip, the blue suitcase was lost and took almost three weeks to find its way home.

But it did eventually arrive back home, unopened and untampered with.




Bushwise and Ruggedwear, a great combination.




The ONLY way to start off a morning, any morning. C.O.F.F.E.E.




It is said that an army marches on its stomach, meaning that soldiers, workers, or anyone else expected to perform a task cannot function effectively unless they are well fed.

This idiom has been attributed to Frederick the Great (1712) and Napolean Bonaparte (1760-1821). It is an English version of the French phrase c’est la soupe qui fait la soldat or ‘it’s the soup that makes the soldier.’

And the same can be said of field guides and the entourage that was present at Safari Guide of the Year 2021.

Breakfast or brunch and dinner were served with a smile, even if that smile was hidden behind a cloud of steam.




Not quite a Full English breakfast, but it counts as a mini Breakfast of Champions.




A meeting point for all those heading out on the early morning activity.




Some of the finalists doing the “Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil”

Solomon, Cameron and Nico.




Liam doing a safety briefing before heading out on a game drive.




Sometimes it is not about the wildlife but about the landscape.




Most evenings ended around the campfire after a fine dinner from the culinary staff at Southern African Wildlife College.

Gawie, Juan and James share a moment without getting consumed by the flames.




And THIS is what the whole week was about…or was it?

Yes, the trophy handover by the 2021 winner TJ to the 2022 incumbent Cameron was the pinnacle of the experiences during Safari Guide of the Year 2022, however, it was more about friendships made or renewed and shared experiences.

Time to start planning for Safari Guide of the Year 2023?




With thanks to all the sponsors, without whom, Safari Guide of the Year 2022 would not be the success that it was!






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