A bit more of this and that at Antbear Lodge. Drakensberg

This reproduction of San Rock art is symbolic of at least one of the animals that they hunted regularly, the Eland. The San also believed that the caves in which they lived were a veil between the real world and the spiritual world. This particular work was featured on the wall of our accommodation.





This is the interview that I did with Andrew Attwood, founder of the South Africa Tourism Awards. And the owner of Antbear Lodge




Set at the end of a 16km dirt road, Antbear Lodge is a quirky jewel in the crown of South African tourism that is The Drakensberg. And yes, Antbear is another name for an Aardvark, but the direct translation of THAT name is Earth Pig, which does not have quite the same message.




The Lodge, owned by Connie and her partner Andrew has been here for decades, but its quirky woodwork was recently brought to the attention of travellers when it featured on a local lifestyle TV show. If you are looking for symmetry and perfection, then this might not be the place for you. However, if you want to have an experience that you will not forget in a hurry, then I suggest that you book NOW.




A family member of the Mexican aster, cosmos flowers were brought to South Africa in contaminated horse feed during the Anglo-Boer War. Today a variety of cosmos blooms – in an assortment of pink, purple and white flowers, can be found in parks and alongside the highways and byways in many of the provinces of South Africa

Cosmos are annual flowers with colourful, daisy-like flowers that sit atop long, slender stems. Blooming throughout the summer months, they attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden. Growing easily from seeds, cosmos even survive in poor soil conditions!

Cosmos flowers most significantly symbolize order and harmony. This primary symbolic meaning of cosmos flowers comes from the flower’s name and its orderly petals. Cosmos flowers also represent balance, tranquillity, peace, love, modesty, innocence, joy, and beauty.




The wheels on the bus go…nowhere!This bus might well be turned into accommodation at some point in the future.




Not so much a rose amongst the thorns, but rather a weed entwined in barbed wire.




The sunrises at Antbear are later than usual because the sun has to crest the mountains before lighting the valley where the lodge is situated, however, the sunsets make up for that and are truly spectacular.




The sunsets are truly inspirational and unique.




If you have a mind to do some activities, there are hikes/walks that can be undertaken from the lodge or you can spend the day in the Berg at a variety of adventure options or take the time to experience our history with a tour of the various Battlefields in the area.

OR…you can just chill, relax and enjoy the scenery that changes as the sun makes its way through the valley until it finally disappears behind the mountains in the west!




I was certainly not expecting to find this along the road. Who knew that there was a ‘zebra crossing’ in rural KZN.

This was just one member of a small herd that we found on a day outing to Howick.




Do birds wake up and wonder what lies in store for them during the course of a coming day?

Sitting on the balcony outside our accommodation at Antbear Lodge and listening to the early morning serenade of this Lesser Striped Swallow got me in a contemplative mood.

It sang despite the war in Ukraine. It sang despite the imminent rise in the cost of petrol, food and all those daily worries that we as humans have.

It wakes up and it is a bird, just trying to be the best bird that it can be for that day or even just an hour at a time. Given that the average life span on a Swallow is between 4-8 years, it crams a lot of living into that limited (in human terms) period.

Not that I am trying to anthropomorphize them like characters in a Disney movie, I am merely commenting on the fact that my perception of them is that they are content enough to welcome each new day with song.

We humans, or many of us, welcome the sunrise with trepidation and in many cases, fear of what the day might bring. We allow outside influences to affect us to the point where we are almost paralyzed to act in a rational manner. We do not take a moment to be grateful for what we have, because as soon as we open our eyes, we are immediately assailed by our shortcomings, either real or imagined.




To find out what the lodge offers click on the logo and you will be taken to their website.





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