Yoobao Quick Charging Power Station 300W from Baobab. A review

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Like the tree that this company derives its name from, they offer a unique service aimed at a market that is tech-savvy and looking for great equipment at reasonable prices. The Baobab is known as the upside-down tree and this company is certainly being a game-changer in the marketplace that they operate in.

The African baobab is called the tree of life as it can live for more than a thousand years and provide food, livestock fodder, medicinal compounds, and raw materials.

My hope is that this company, like the tree after which it is named, will be around for many years to come.

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Aside from bags full of camera gear, I took this with me on a recent extended road trip to review. This is the Yoobao EN300WLPD 72000mAh PD Quick Charging Power Station 300W, which I put through its paces to see if it is a worthwhile addition to my luggage on future trips. I am often in the bush where there are no lights after dark, I am hoping that this will replace my head torch and allow me to light a tent for a few hours before going to sleep.

This trip was both beach and bush and it proved its worth in both scenarios.




The router that I carry with me does not last long without charging, and the Quick Charging 300W Power Station sorted that issue out while I used my mobile phone. There are 3 charging ports on the device. Two are regular USB while there is also a recently introduced USB-C.

There are also 2 DC 12V ports for those devices that require that voltage. The 220V socket is designed to accept a variety of mainly European plug types. However, there is a locally available 2pin to 3 pin adaptor which resolves the issue locally.




Quick Charging Power Station 300W worked whether I was on the beach or on the deck overlooking the Indian Ocean.

For those that like to know the relevant specs…

Certification: MSDS
Output Interface: Type C, Double Usb
Input Interface:AC, TYPE-C
Function:Quick Charge Support, LED Display
Type: Fast Charging, With Plug, High Capacity, With Cable, PORTABLE, Power Staion, LED Display
Battery Type: Other
Brand Name:YOOBAO
Model Number:EN300WLPD
Socket Standard:Universal
Protection:Over-discharging, Short Circuit Protection, Over-charging
Features:High Capacity
Socket Type:USB

The 300W Yoobao power bank supplied 220v power to my laptop for 6 hours and then took 4.5 hours to fully recharge.

I found that the charger unit for the device runs very hot, so it must be kept on a surface that is heat resistant.




Looking like it was designed to be in surroundings like this! Once again the Quick Charging Power Station 300W was an absolute necessity when I was working away from a regular power source at this beach lodge.




Quick Charging Power Station 300W, with the addition of a 2-pin to 15amp adaptor, charged my laptop while I was working. Having the adapter meant that I did not have to change the plug tops on any of my devices.

The unit charger comes with a 2-pin plug that I immediately changed so that I did not have to struggle to find socket outlets that accept those.




If I could be on holiday, then so could the Quick Charging 300W Power Station. Time out in a hammock on the beach.




I am a great fan of this fan! Yoobao F2P Rechargeable Portable USB Mini Fan that I use on a daily basis in my home office and I used it every day while on holiday, even where there were air-con units.

For those who are interested in the specs:

Input: 5V/1.5A (max). It charges off a USB cable, very convenient it charged while I was working.
Output Power: 3W (max)
12 to 50hrs battery time and based on what I have experienced it is closer to the latter figure.
With a 45-degree up and down tilt and whisper-quiet, it will not be a distraction if used in a public space or in an office environment.
If you want to clean the fan, turn the mesh guard counterclockwise for easy removal.




The entire lodge is run off solar power and does not rely on ESKOM at all…if only we could all be like that! It would leave that incompetent electricity giant exactly where it should be…with electricity to sell and no one wanting to buy it.




Settling in nicely. I found the device particularly useful where there were not easily accessible socket outlets. Not many resorts offer plugs exactly where I need them while working. Having this with me, I was able to sit and work wherever I wanted to without having to worry about having to hunt down outlets under tables or behind the bed.




Side by side, this pair is almost inseparable and should be an absolute necessity if, like me, you are a regular traveller. That being said, I can also use it at home when ESKOM sees fit to turn off the power. It is not designed to run your entire household, but with it able to supply up to 6 hours of power, this is ideal as most of the outages last about 4 hours.




Poolside on our first stop on the road trip. I could not find a socket outlet and this stepped up and gave me both power and light to work by.




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The final morning of the trip and the  Quick Charging 300W Power Station was hard at work at 06h00.

Overall I would highly recommend this as an addition while travelling. From a price perspective, it is reasonable, but given the various situations that it can operate in, it is a worthwhile purchase.

It can be connected to a solar panel that was unavailable for this trip, but I am awaiting delivery and will report on that as soon as I am able.




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