Nyaleti Game Lodge. A touch of bushveld class in Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate.

Nyaleti Lodge & Villa, luxurious bed and breakfast accommodations that are surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens and situated on the very sought-after greenbelt in the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. From the official website





On a recent trip to Hoedspruit, I used Nyaleti Lodge as my base while I was working in town. I had been ‘upgraded’ to their three-bedroom Villa and seeing that I was there for a couple of nights, I did consider sleeping in a different bedroom each night. But I figured that housekeeping would be angry with me! And rightly so.

I, therefore, utilized the master bedroom and merely photographed the other two. I have to say that they looked just as comfortable as where I had chosen to sleep.

The views from each of the rooms were of the verdant foliage outside and turned the windows/ sliding doors into a frame for a living picture



It was not cold enough for a fire, but I should imagine that in the middle of winter, this would be a very cosy space. Comfy chairs and books to page through while enjoying a beverage or two?



The dining room table became my office as the view and access to both the garden and the pool was quick and easy. With the folding doors wide open and a gentle breeze blowing in, this was the ideal place to sit and work.




Morning has broken…The early morning sunlight crept through the trees and lit up the fire pit and a part of the garden.




Catching the light…




This stunning orchid was subtly lit by the sun.




Not only did the master bedroom have an outdoor shower, but it also had a tub that guests could soak in while enjoying the peace and solitude of the small private garden




Turning a bland solar light into a decorative piece but add acacia thorns. I would not have thought of that.




The entrance to the owner’s home. One of their rooms has been converted into a reception space, but seeing that I was met in the garden I did not get to see the interior.




The water-wise garden that uses indigenous succulents is spectacular. Filled with a variety of plants and succulents that enables the building to blend into the surrounding bush.




How do you stop antelope from eating your plants without resorting to man-made products? You cover the plants in Acacia thorns! Decorative and practical at the same time.




This is where breakfast is served. An open, airy space with a high ceiling and comfortable furniture. The building overlooks the pool that can be used by the guests in the rooms that surround the main house.




When last did you see a fit-for-purpose butter knife? I certainly have not for the longest time.

An Aunt of mine, who always used a butter knife was purported to have said “A lady ALWAYS uses a butter knife, even when she eats alone”. It could also have been said by Maggie Smith’s character in Downton Abby!




Homemade muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit to start off the meal. Please don’t serve it with a dessert spoon. Either a teaspoon or a long-handled spoon would be more appropriate and would give easier access to the deliciousness contained in the glass.




Co-owner, Marlon, about to prepare my breakfast, which, on this morning, consisted of…




French toast with crispy bacon and REAL Maple syrup! It had been a long time since I had enjoyed French toast as most resort breakfasts offer the usual Full English in which this delicacy does not feature.




Breakfast on the final morning of my sojourn at Nyaleti Lodge was cooked by Marlon’s wife Ann. I had ordered a cheese, tomato and onion omelette so the beef sausages were a most welcome surprise. And there was also toast that I could enjoy with butter and jam while drinking my freshly-brewed tea.




With breakfast done, and with time on my hands before the first meeting of the day, I sat and quietly conjugated the peace and tranquillity that surrounded me. Not leaf-blower, not lawn mover and certainly no traffic noise to break the silence. Just the birds calling and the rustle of the wind through the trees.




I was just about to leave when I spotted this Dragonfly…so, as any photographer worth his/her salt would do, I stopped to take pictures before it flew off.

A great start to my morning…My thanks to Ann and Marlon for hosting me.





Nyaleti means ‘Little Star’ and the lodge certainly lived up to that description, a shining memory to start off the year. To find out more about what they have to offer click on the logo to visit their website.






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