Hunters Rest Day Spa. A place of serenity to reinvigorate and renew.

"I am never one to pamper or treat myself. So when the opportunity to have a massage was presented as a birthday gift, I couldn't believe my luck to be spending quality time in the serene atmosphere of the Hunters Day Spa, conveniently situated close enough to the hotel to be an easy walk, yet far enough to allow me to feel isolated from the hotel. Before starting my massage, the wonderful therapist asked me to choose from a delicious selection of fragrances, to decide which one would best suit the type of experience I wanted from my massage. I chose a most wonderful grounding oil, with notes of Baobab and Neroli. The therapist's magical hands lulled me into a meditative state while she kneaded and massaged my aches and tensions away. I walked blissfully back to my room, in a state of complete and deep relaxation" Jayne Batzofin




This is the imposing entrance to one of the most iconic holiday destinations in Magaliesberg. The Anew Resort Hunters Rest (or just Hunters to the legions who have visited here over the years) has memories for generations of Gautengers that came here as children and are now returning with THEIR children and grandchildren. Those who have been, know what they are going to get on a consistent basis. For my daughter and me, returning after a 30+ year absence was like returning to a childhood home, where things are recognizable but the scale is somewhat different.




My daughter lives in Cape Town and thanks to lockdown and neither of us wanting to fly (just yet) it had been more than a year since I last saw her.

What made this visit particularly special was that she was able to share her actual birthday here in Johannesburg. The last time we celebrated her birthday as a family was 7 years ago!




The activities on offer are not all adrenaline-filled or strenuous. They can be as simple as walking around the resort grounds, which are vast and beautifully maintained or visiting the Day Spa which was a treat that I had planned (together with Azra Saloojee, owner of the Spa) for my daughter during our stay.




Or you can take a walk up this paved road that goes to a lookout platform from which, in the distance, you can see Olifantsnek Dam, where centuries ago wild elephants roamed.




But it was not all about exercise and relaxation… Food played an important role during our sojourn here. My vegan daughter was impressed that she did not have to struggle to find something that she could enjoy. In fact, she enjoyed the smashed avo so much that she had it on more than one occasion. That being said, the kitchen staff were aware of her dietary requirements and went above and beyond to accommodate her needs. And not just with a bowl of lettuce and tomato, but with interesting dishes that excited her taste buds. Well done to all concerned for not making it seem that it was a chore.




The highlight of her stay was a visit to the Day Spa where she was pampered and treated like a VIP.




Set at the rear of the property, this used to be the manager’s residence that has now been converted into a relaxing Day Spa that offers a variety of treatments as well as the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the actual hotel. A quiet space where guests are able to relax and unwind while experiencing a variety of treatments for both men and women.




When you first enter the Spa your senses are assailed by a variety of aromas emanating from the stock that they have on display for sale. My recommendation, have your treatment first THEN buy. There is so much to choose from, and your therapist will explain the purpose of each to enable you to make the right choice.



Just one of the many areas where you can relax both before and after your treatment. There are indoor as well as outdoor areas that are designed to be




The view from this deck is quite spectacular as it looks out over the mountain range that surrounds the property. I sat here for a while my daughter decided what treatments she would be having. I found it so quiet and relaxing that I almost dozed off.




Just one of the many treatment rooms where guests can enjoy their treatments as a group or individually. (Image from the Spa website)




Pouring it on…your therapist will mix a massage oil that is specifically mixed to your requirements depending on what aspect you wish to focus on during the massage (Image from the Spa website)

My daughter chose a wonderful grounding oil, with notes of Baobab and Neroli.




The treatments at Hunters Rest Day Spa are many and varied…

Their Theranaka massage combines traditional African implements and techniques with naturally infused oils that will delight your senses and invigorate both your mind and body to treatments for mothers-to-be and the

My daughter returned from her visit to the Spa glowing and singing the praises of the therapist who had done her treatments.




There is always time to relax and enjoy a beverage of your choosing after your treatment. Stop awhile and savour the peace and tranquillity of the Spa surroundings before leaving. Or you can, of course, book another treatment or two!

A big THANK YOU to Azra Saloojee and her staff for hosting Jayne.

If you are heading to the hotel any time soon, a trip to the Spa is highly recommended to complete your overall experience.




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