Welcome to the Travel & Things advertisers.

"Listen up"! Let me introduce you to the 2021 advertiser line up on the Travel & Things Blog




It would be remiss of me not to introduce my readers to my advertisers, old and new. Regular readers might have noticed that the list of advertisers on the right side of the Travel &Things landing page has been growing after the last few months. I am most grateful to these companies for keeping the wheels turning and keeping the Blog current and being able to get out to new destinations and to re-visit old ones.



The oldest advertiser on Travel & Things is Ruggedwear that have had the banner sponsor for the past 2 years. Howard Rogerson and his team in Nelspruit have been able to run competitions for my readers as well as keeping me looking good both in an urban as well as a bush setting. If, like me, you are regularly out and about, then the Ruggedwear range for men, women and children might be just what you are looking for. Proudly made IN South Africa, by South Africans, this is a company that should be supported and promoted.




From the oldest to the most recent. Baobab is a company that imports and sells a variety of IT products online. From gaming keyboards to batteries and power banks, this company can supply it all. And given that I am out in the field so often, I will be road-testing and reviewing several of their products for my readers. Welcome to Mark and his team.



This newspaper is close to my heart…”Why”? I hear you ask… We, full disclosure, I am the current editor! Based in Hoedspruit, this community newspaper has seen a re-growth since publisher Mark Bishop took it over a few months ago. It has returned to a print edition once a month, but it is available online in digital format for those who don’t live IN Hoedspruit. Well worth the read, it covers a variety of topics that are of interest and concern to the readers. https://www.facebook.com/kruger2canyon



I always wanted to be a field guide, but back in 1971 when I finished with my National Service, there were not that many openings for game rangers as they were known as then. So, I had to listen to my parents and get a trade, which was not a bad thing. But I have always continued with my love for the bush and all creatures great and small. When I was given the opportunity to participate in the 10-week Nature Enthusiast course hosted by Ulovane, I literally leapt at the offer. I completed the course AND passed the exam and the certificate hangs proudly on the wall of my office. If I can do it, anyone can… Thanks to Schalk, Tatum and Candice for putting up with my questions and queries.



For many years I paid A LOT of money for a well-known brand of photo software, and I used it only once or twice. Not only was it pricey, personally I found it complicated and not particularly user-friendly (although there will be MANY that disagree with me) And then I discovered Ribbet, and I was hooked. I might not offer what the top of the line software does, but having used it extensively for more than a year, I can attest to the fact that the Pro version is more than enough to give your images that WOW factor without taking up hours of edit time. Online, hep is readily available and there is a closed Facebook group that is only too keen to help users who need help with specific issues. I look forward to having Ben take this product to the Number 1 photographic software available.



With the current electricity crisis (and it IS a crisis) solar power has become the go-to way to keep homes and businesses safe from load shedding and unplanned outages. Working from home was often interrupted for extended periods when either ESKOM or City Power decided to turn off the switch. Generators are noisy and they are a source of both air and noise pollution and of course the rising cost of either diesel or petrol does not make them economically viable in the long run. South Africa is blessed with more sunny days than most countries, so why not take advantage of that and harness the solar power to keep our lights on? SOLCO Solar can do exactly that…as it did for our household. Bernard, Carol and the team will gladly give you a quote that will suit YOUR budget and their systems are designed in a modular fashion so that components can be added as budgets allow or as requirements change.



It would be remiss of me NOT to include JHNet on this list. Technically not advertisers, they were the company that produced this award-winning Travel & Things Blog as well as the logo, of which I am most proud. Beni and the team will work with you to make certain that what they produce will give your company or website the edge. And given that there are SO many DIY websites, it is important that YOUR service stands out from the crowd. Give them a call and you can thank me later.