In and around Zangarna Game Lodge. Waterberg

“We incorporated the purest African style and finishings using local and natural materials such as sand, rocks, grass and timbers to blend the features into the fauna and flora that surrounds the property". Zangarna website



My chariot awaits? In this case it was the game viewer that was going to show me what Zangarna Game Lodge had to offer from a wildlife perspective. I was aware before arriving that there were none of the Big5 on the property, but there were plenty of plains game species to find and enjoy.My game drive experiences will be featured in a separate posting.



Chillin’ before heading out into the cool winter weather. The main lodge building consists of several areas that although differ in decor, complement each other from a style perspective. There are two lounges, both of which share space with dining areas. This is particularly useful if there are small children in the lodge, as they can be accommodated in one area, while the adults can relax in the other. And the parents are not too far from their offspring, should they be summoned by a plaintive cry or raised voices between siblings.



The more ‘formal’ lounge that has access to the bar, the kitchen as well as the dining area, and a couple of shelves that contain books that might be relevant when trying to identify the birdlife that frequents the swimming pool that is no more than a few meters away.



One of the two dining areas. The window in the rear wall looks into the kitchen. In most lodges, this area is normally off-limits. Not so here at Zangarna, where guests can wander in to chat to the staff should they wish to do so.



Looking across the swimming pool to the waterhole and beyond. Although situated in the Waterberg region of Limpopo, the terrain as seen from the deck is ‘flat’ all the way to the horizon.



Enough of the public spaces, it was time to see what our accommodation looked like. Although identical from the exterior, the interior of each of the 6 chalets is different in certain decor aspects. BTW, we stopped in Vaalwater and bought a cushion similar to the ones on the bed. (My wife is besotted by the Baobab tree)



For a family with a small child, the extra bed means that the youngster will have a proper bed to sleep on and not have to resort to a pull-out couch. I have to say that we both found it difficult to get up in the morning as the bed was firm and the linen was soft and welcoming. Both have to be experienced as my words do not really do justice to either.



To basins…no waiting! And a cake of Dove soap that was unexpected, to say the least. While most of the lodges that I have visited in the past few months have cut back on toiletries, where at Zangarna they supply top-of-the-range soap. Well done. It is small touches like that that make the difference to the overall guest experience.



A bidet, not what I expected to find when I opened the toilet door. As a young boy, never having seen one, I had an interesting experience that left me drenched from head to foot and my Dad almost falling on the floor with laughter. I have learned to treat them with respect.



My favourite…an outdoor shower. Given the weather conditions in South Africa, I think that every home should have one of these.



And despite the early morning chill, I decided to take one for the team and try it out. The water was hot and inviting and once under the shower, I was loathe to step out. By the way, the towels were of excellent quality and smelled wonderful (I was told that it was as a result of the fabric softner that was being used) That smell is a memory I will carry of the lodge for a long while.



In an alcove between the bedroom and the bathroom, this decore differs from chalet to chalet.



This lodge offers one of the finest sunsets and it can be viewed from the comfort of the main lodge building. As there are no predators on the property, I was able to walk into the space between the pool and the waterhole to capture this moment in time.



The pool at night… no more words are required.



Dinner is almost ready? Pop another pot on the fire.



And THIS is where the food magic happens. The small kitchen staff is able to prepare delicious meals to suit all tastes.



At night the public spaces are warmed by open fires that add to the ambiance of the lodge.



Full moon over the main lodge building… time to say good night and head off to our accommodation and the welcoming arms of Morpheus.



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