I must go down to the sea again. Thonga Beach Lodge.

"I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky; I left my shoes and socks there - I wonder if they're dry"? - Spike Milligan



This wall hanging in the Thonga Beach Lodge reception set the tone for our visit. Encompassing some of the attributes of the area and locally made, it was a joy to behold. Luckily for us, most of the check-in had been done online, and as a result, our stay in the public reception area was kept to a minimum. That being said, when we visited, all the correct Government COVID-19 protocols were being adhered to. Making it a safe environment for both staff and guests alike.



The beach was open during our stay and this is the first glimpse that we got of the Indian Ocean since 2017! It was good to inhale the salt air that rolled in off the waves and to feel the crunch of the sand between my toes. This area became my office as it was away from guests and it allowed me quiet contemplative time.



Looking back from the edge of the water. The lodge is so well camouflaged that it almost vanishes into the tree-line.



Due to COVID-19 precautions, all meals were enjoyed outside on this deck. Luckily there were a limited number of guests, allowing for proper social distancing to take place. That being said, should the weather turn, guests can be accommodated in the indoor dining room.



The food…How can I not mention the spectacular meals that we were served? Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Delicious and healthy and plated to be both a feast for the eyes and the palate.



It should be compulsory for every guest to get up early and witness a sunrise over the water. It puts into perspective the beauty of our planet despite the ravages of the pandemic that currently assails the human inhabitants.



The bar in the early morning, well before any of the other guests were awake.



Heading out on a scuba adventure. Guests have the option to either dive if qualified, or to snorkel if the weather and the tides permit.



Nope, this is not the new COVID-19 protection! This is my wife trying out her mask and snorkel before we headed off to experience what the local reef had to offer. The tide had turned by the time we had reached the reef, but the ocean did offer up other alternatives…



Like this pod of dolphins that kept pace with our boat for the longest while. (My thanks to Gaby Lubner for the image.)



I left only footprints on the beach…



As did several turtles seeing that it was breeding season while we were at the Lodge. Although we did not find any on the beach, we did spot one or two when we were out trying our hand at snorkelling.



When social distancing is no longer a requirement and guests are willing to interact with each other, I am certain that this seating area at the bar will be very busy again.



A public lounge where guests can relax and play board games and utilize the Wi-Fi if necessary. Another public space that was enjoying limited use during our stay.



Our accommodation…perched above the other rooms, this suite commands a spectacular view across the trees and all the way to the horizon.



The majority of the soft furnishings, like excessive pillows etc, had been removed in order to make sanitization easier and more effective. This was all explained in the welcoming letter that we found on the bed, least we thought that the lodge was going for a minimalistic look.



The aforementioned view from our verandah…



And less than an hour later. We enjoyed a truly spectacular thunderstorm from the shelter of our bedroom. The sky lit up for more than 30 minutes with a display that would put any fireworks performance to shame.



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This is a spectacular lodge that offers guests, tired and jaded as a result of 2020 and the pandemic, the opportunity to relax and unwind with all the correct safety procedures in place. Highly recommended.




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