Looking into the 2021 Travel & Things crystal ball.

“The intriguing placidity from the slothful pace of a snail is truly very peaceful. Our world is in need of this calmness to pacify itself” ― Munia Khan




A new year has dawned…the much anticipated 2021 arrived with less fanfare than is usual for a new year and for many, myself included, January 1st was just December 32nd! Nothing had really altered. COVID-19 still stalked the populations worldwide and even though there are now vaccines it is still too early to know if the manufacturer’s claims of 95%+ are valid or not. Here in South Africa, we are back in Level 3 lockdown with no signs of that being lifted before mid-February or March, or perhaps even later. For the travel and hospitality industry already struggling from various limitations, it could be the death knell for those establishments that are cash strapped.




Are you feeling that 2021 is already pissing on you? It is tough to try and rise above the noise and negativity when the outlook is perceived to be bleak. But(t) as the Facebook memes continue to tell us…”This too shall pass“. Much like the ubiquitous “Winter is coming” from GOT, which did actually pass. I don’t know about you, but as a result of being confined to quarters to keep myself and my wife safe, Travel & Things took on a retro look, delving back into their archives for content and publishing multiple postings on the few places that I was able to visit during the latter part of 2021. That being said, I have saved content from those visits for this year so that there will be fresh postings for several months to come.




So what changes will there be to both Travel & Things and well as “In conversation with”…

For one, the Travel & Things postings will be published on a Monday and Friday (for now) in order to save content for as long as I can. “In conversation with”, which will return for Season 3 in mid-February, will be aired once a week on a Wednesday. The back catalogue of “In conversation with” Seasons 1 & 2 is still available on my YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidBatzofin/videos




Firstly, to answer a question that has cropped up more than once; this is not a paid slot, this is Travel & Things looking to bring in travel writers who share my passions and the ethics of my Blog for a once-off slot.

I am not looking to start controversial conversations, neither am I willing to allow blatant advertising.

I am looking for experienced writers who have written about travel before.
Currently, given the COVID-19 situation, I will be focussing on South African travel destinations and, where possible stories that are experiential and have more than a dash of humour in them.
If after these statements you are still keen to participate, then please send me an example of what you would like to write and I will consider your application. (david@travelandthings.co.za)
As I am only doing a limited number of guest slots a month, you will understand that I cannot give you a definitive answer currently as to when your submission might be published.

You can also follow me on Instagram…david_batzofinphotography




I am going to use 2021 to untangle all that has ensnared me in the past year and I hope that both I and the Blog will come out the other side leaner, cleaner and meaner…in the best possible way.




Once we are allowed to return to the beaches and oceans, I would like to make certain that Travel & Things becomes more representative of both bush and beach destinations. Given that international travel is not easily accessible currently, I will be more focussed on local destinations that are offering specials to South African travellers.




I want to visit out of the way places…




I have made a conscious decision to try and eat a more healthy diet. Vegan/ vegetarian is not really an option as I do enjoy meat. That said, there will be less animal protein in my diet and I will be more aware of what I eat.




Maybe even time for afternoon naps to recharge my flagging batteries?




I look forward to the day when we can share spaces like this again, without social distancing.




And find out of the way destinations.




I want to tread more kindly on the earth, leaving only footprints wherever I visit…




I want to watch a lightning storm, all the while marvelling at the majesty of Nature. Unaffected by the virus and thriving because the human population has been confined at home, thus creating time and opportunity for areas to regenerate.




I am hoping that 2021 will see me become a more caring, kinder, gentler person. Respectful of others and able to bring my readers and viewers exciting, affordable venues and places that will rejuvenate our souls and make our hearts soar with gratitude and thanks.





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