A reflective look at “The decade that was 2020″…

“You have those moments where you reflect and say, ‘No matter what I’m going through at the moment, you know what? Life ain’t bad.'” —Dwayne Wade, athlete.




Although I spent the majority of 2020 watching the sky from my study window, there were highlights along the way. Not many, but enough…The images in this posting depict some of those and they are in no particular order. Moments that I will remember when we look back on 2020 in years to come and start off by saying “What do you remember about 2020”?




My favourite bath. Being a travel writer that specializes in game lodges, my work has been severely curtailed by the pandemic. Who knew, when I visited this particular lodge, that it would be the last one I would visit for more than 8 months…




Just a happy hippo…doing what hippos do best, making it difficult to try to predict just when they will open their mouth.




Still one of my favourite predators and member of the Big 5 of dangerous game species as they are now being referred to. I have heard the words “iconic game species” also being bandied about.




Reflections. In a way, 2020 was a year for reflection. Good bad or indifferent, there were moments that taught me lessons and that will, hopefully, make me a kinder more compassionate human going forward.




I always feel that I am intruding when I find mating animals. But they seem not to mind, so who am I to judge…




My favourite outdoor shower with a view that was very special. I was at this camp just 10 days before the March 27th Level 5 lockdown was announced. Pity that my timing was off.




Breakfast of champions? No matter what is on the menu, this is always my go-to meal of choice. The only item that might change is the type of egg, which vacillates between scrambled or fried. And the bacon HAS to be crisp!




Another of the Big 5 and one that I am most wary of. Buffalo only resemble domestic bovines in certain physical aspects. For the most part, they are as grumpy as hell and will charge without any warning and almost without any discernable reason.




Although they might have a neck long enough to reach the most succulent foliage, it is not long enough to get down to the water. Hence, the giraffe has to adopt this rather precarious pose that can put it in danger when at a waterhole. Luckily, it seems, the giraffe does not suffer from instant gratification syndrome and will arrive at the water and take the longest time before actually drinking.




One of my favourites…And the camp where I and my wife were able to share our wedding anniversary in September 2020.




A Nile Crocodile, chillin’ on the bank…




As a child back in Port Elizabeth, these Glossy Starlings were seen as pests (much like the Common Myna is today) They tended to build nests inside roofs and bring with them bird lice that would cause havoc on the residents. They were to be eradicated at all costs or the very least prevented from having access to loft space where possible. Now, when I see them in the bush I watch in awe as their feathers reflect the light in a myriad of ways, showing how very special they really are.




As the sun sets on 2020, I can only hope that 2021 will be a better kinder year to us all. COVID-19 will be with us for a while yet and we, therefore, need to constantly be on guard and to obey the rules about masks and social distancing wherever possible. Stay safe, stay healthy and more importantly take responsibility for keeping others safe.






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